YSA interviews Nick Dean

We ought to blog more interviews, and I’m glad Jacob from Young Spacers Association took the time to interview one of the more talented TFOLs (teen fan of LEGO), Nick Dean, who is associated with creating and building the RAMM theme (examples). While there exists multiple popular fan-created subthemes, RAMM has generated controversy among builders with Nick limiting those who can build RAMM. Some denounce it as highflown elitism while others claim it as a necessary gesture to preserve the integrity and quality of a unique subtheme. Find out more in this interesting interview and see from a builder’s perspective on defining oneself through subthemes.

7 comments on “YSA interviews Nick Dean

  1. Andrew

    @Anonymous: You’re definitely entitled to your opinion, and we encourage discussion in our comments, but hiding behind anonymity and name-calling doesn’t help prove your point.

  2. Grifon

    Honestly it was an interesting interview…Though one thing puzzles me…

    How can he stop anyone from building based on the theme, I don’t believe that he could actually copyright this stuff since the bricks are Lego but I am not sure….

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