LEGO Star Wars Clone Wars sets and the Toys R Us Midnight Sale

iconiconFor those curious to know what went on at the Toys R Us Midnight Sale last night, I took a ride to my local store to check out the frontline action. The Midnight Sale, hosted by participating Toys R Us stores, celebrates the release of new Star Wars Clone Wars toys, such as action figures, LEGO Star Wars sets, and other miscellaneous Clone Wars items.

Participants at the event received the limited edition holographic General Grievous action figure and Clone Wars poster for their purchases.

iconiconThe picture below was taken last night at my local store near Dallas, and you can see how many people showed up. Inside the store was a marked section dedicated to all the brand new merchandise, and I’m excited to see that the LEGO Clone Wars sets dominated about a third of the space.

Almost half of the shopping carts I saw contained LEGO products. However, to my chagrin, Toys R Us has marked up prices on all of these new LEGO sets by $5-10. In the end I used coupons to purchase two Republic Gunshipsicon, definitely one of the must-have LEGO sets of the year.

If you missed this event, good news is that you didn’t miss too much.

iconiconJust today LEGO Shop at Home has listed all of the new Clone Wars sets fresh for sale. Don’t forget that your order qualifies for a free gold brick keychain with purchases over $75 until the end of July.

Here’s the full list of LEGO Star Wars Clone Wars sets available from the LEGO Shop:


13 comments on “LEGO Star Wars Clone Wars sets and the Toys R Us Midnight Sale

  1. Andrew

    Thanks for covering the Midnight Sale, Nannan! It’s disappointing the TRU continues to mark up their prices so much (not that they don’t have the right to make money), but at least there are alternatives.

  2. Sibley

    Seems like a fun event, despite the prices. This line looks really well done; all the set designs are great, some of the best Star Wars sets to date IMO. Surprising there aren’t any sets under $30, though.

  3. wusmand

    Lol, you guys all excited while today in California at the Target in Vacavillie they were selling the gunship the tri wing and that droid ship, and they had tons

  4. Captain Pike

    Check what they want here in Canada – $20 more for the Gunship ($139 CAD vs $119 USD) and $30 more for the AT-TE ($119 CAD vs $89 USD). Even though the US and Can. dollar have been about equal for a year now, prices are still 30-50% higher north of the border.

    I know a few AFOL who have stopped buying and are seriously considering a different hobby.

  5. English

    I went to one of the Lego shops and in England the prices for the new stuff is definately more expensive. I think it’s rediculous really, it is still supposed to be a kids toy isn’t? What kid can afford to spend a minimum of £40 ($79) on a set?

  6. Will-Will

    Yeah, Ima ’bout done with LEGO sets for a while, lol. The prices on these things keep sky-rocketing! I can’t justify the money spent anymore — now that I have all the Indiana Jones sets… Some of these Clone Wars sets look pretty cool, but they lack the nostalgia the Classic sets, and the Indiana sets give me…

    … and, I have nothing but bile for Toys r Us hahahaha

  7. Rocko

    Sometimes the popularity of Star Wars outweighs common sense. I love Star Wars but not this much.

  8. Eric

    Talking about price, here in France, it’s even worse:
    When you compare the prise in USD of the legoset SW and here in France in €, some models are simply the double:
    For example; lego set 7678 droid gunship cost 29,99 $ in USSA
    In France, it’s 39,99€, which would be 62.34 $ equivalent!!!

    Simply crazy and too expensive.
    As you say, what kids can afford to spend more than 100 $ to have 2 lego sets?

    Guess Star Wars licensing turns everything in Gold and when you look what prices old SW lego set are sold, you understand why Lego increases its prices :(

  9. Bill

    In Australia its just as bad! Sets worth $10 (US) sell for $20 (AUS). And the aussie dollar is almost equal to the green back. The droid gunship is retailing at about $60 (AUS) and all the big sets are about double, (Republic Gunship $180). I think I’ll wait for some 2009 Battle Packs to spend my moolah on.

    Anyway apart from the cost most of the new sets look great, but I’ve already got the original AT-TE and Republic gunship. The spider droid looks good and isn’t too expensive, I might pick one of them up when it finally hits the shelves.

  10. Eskallon says

    Lego are making their prices way too high even if the made the gunship only £40, £30 lower they would still be making profit and a lot more people would buy them this is ridiculas

  11. Juan

    It is even much more worse in Mexico.
    Not only did they not bring the entire line of Star Wars, but the prices are at least 150% more than the price in the USA.

    It is absurd that the product is now fabricated in Mexico, somewhere in a maquiladora, where employees get paid 5 dollars a day for salary, and that the product is out of reach for most of the population in the Country.

    I am amazed to see that they have actually managed to stay in business since 1995, when they decided to bring the company here, and open operations.

    Really, I rather just take a trip up to the US, and spend the money there, and get the sets, than to pay 150% more for the same exact model.


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