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Vocaloid Hatsune Miku – “Snow Miku”

Mike Dung has done an incredible job of recreating the “2013 Snow Miku” version of Hatsune Miku. The posing of the figure is great, but the folds and layering of the shiromuku are really exceptional. It’s too bad he had to make her hair green instead of turquoise but the figure wouldn’t have turned out nearly as well, due to parts constraints. It was a great compromise, as there are limitations, even in LEGO. Mike really turned out a beautiful creation here!

2013 Snow Miku

Ride the big slab on a Yamaha Horizon

TBB virgin F@bz just finished a fabulous new motorcycle and he’s handing you the keys. Don’t let the custom stickers fool you; this is a 100% LEGO fuel injected suicide machine! If Neo-Tokyo really is about to explode, ride the shockwave in style with the Yamaha Horizon

Yamaha Horizon

Fanging it on two wheels

Yamaha Bike by Camine

Well birthdays are lovely and all but we do have a blog to run here and pretty LEGO models to show. I spotted this beauty on Brickshelf today and was highly impressed by Camine’s fine work. There have been a bunch of good motorcycles for minifigs posted before but this is the best Japanese style bike I can remember seeing.