Good, old modded moped

The collaborative community of the LEGO fanbase is fed by builders sharing their techniques and designs. Builder Magnus W was inspired to build a model of his old Yamaha DT50MX based on the Technic frame of builder George Panteleon’s Yamaha XT550. Full of details, plenty of which are personal to the builder, this model makes itself distinct while still hitting all the right notes. I’m sure building it was a nostalgia-flavored treat.

Yamaha DT50MX -91

At 520 pieces, Magnus did a great job modeling this at this scale. This moped is spot on with the details from the square headlight to the “Mono-cross” suspension in the back. The builder endeavored to capture the body of the DT50MX as closely as possible. The engine, exhaust, and mudguards all match wonderfully.

yamaha DT50MX_highres

I love the parts usage in the tail to emulate the functional elements on the back. The same goes for the handlebar, where Count Dooku’s lightsaber works perfectly for the brakes.

The plethora of motorcycles and bikes builders brought us this year were an absolute delight. Must’ve been the Ducati inspiring the masses.