Stephen Hawking by Ochre Jelly

Ochre Jelly (MOCPages, blog) apparently caught a piece of science celebrity news that I missed. Eminent physicist and A Brief History of Time author Stephen Hawking will be taking a ride on a plane that will help him experience weightlessness.

To commemorate this extraordinary man and his extraordinary moment, OJ has created a “miniland” scale version of Prof. Hawking:

Stephen Hawking

Be sure to check out Ochre Jelly’s MOCPages entry, where you can see Prof. Hawking riding around the surface of Mars, Prof. Hawking orbiting the Earth, and (I wouldn’t expect anything less from OJ) a 3D stereogram of the world’s favorite wheeled physicist.

5 comments on “Stephen Hawking by Ochre Jelly

  1. David

    Stephen Hawking is the man! He once said “there are only two things I don’t understand about the universe, how it all started and women”, smartest man alive!

  2. Gatzke

    I wet my pants several times a day by looking at this picture.. Don’t get me wrong – I love the guy. I watch Stephen Hawking’s Universe at least once every two months.

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