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There’s nothing like a massive LEGO diorama to prove that you’ve arrived as a LEGO builder. The LEGO dioramas we feature here span everything from realistic medieval castles to scenes from World War II, and more than a few post-apocalyptic wastelands.

Space shaman is set to stun

All too often, LEGO space models can be a sea of light gray. This cracking little creation from Chris Perron breaks the mould with a wonderful splash of color.

Space Shaman

The mech obviously features a bold color scheme, but there’s some great parts usage on show too — check out the use of the alien legs as feet. And I’m enjoying the metallic silver pieces, particularly the figure’s staff which I think adds a nice little touch of fantasy to this sci-fi scene.

Chris says this was inspired by another builder’s model in a very different genre. I think it’s cool when builders link to their inspiration like this, it shows how ideas travel and change from person to person.

Not just a tree house, but a LEGO tree fort

Did you have a tree house as a child?  jsnyder would have been very disappointed by my basic tree house if his LEGO tree fort reflects his idea of one.  This creation is on three levels with a swing bridge that spans across two huge trees.  There is a look out at the top of the largest tree with a telescope to keep an eye out for potential attack (or parents looking for you at bedtime). The trees themselves are well shaped and I love the mix of studs on show and tiles to add texture.

Billy's Tree Fort

The details are really adorable in this build, for example the tyre swing and rope pulley system to allow a crate of resupplies (perhaps more ice lollies) to be lifted high up into the tree.

Billy's Tree Fort

You can see more detailed views of the tree fort on his Billy’s Tree Fort album on Flickr.

Gotham’s Ace Chemicals in LEGO bricks

I’ve always been a Batman fan, and Joker has always been my favourite of his adversaries. However, until very recently I have never possessed a Joker minifig. As soon as I got my grubby hands on one, I knew I had to have a go at building something appropriate…

Return to Ace Chemicals...

The model was designed to sit in a basin of water and I used an ultrasound fog generator to create the mist effect. It’s a bit splashy, hence some of the water droplets on the model, but I figured it looked like rain and I could get away with it. A couple of people have asked how I did the lighting. I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t do anything fancy. I cheated and did all the tinting digitally in GIMP.

I’m slightly obsessed with Ace Chemicals — it’s such a cool Gotham location, and its factory and pipework elements make it ripe for reinterpretation. As well as the minifig-scale version, I recently had a go at something a little smaller…

Ace Chemicals

Launch Status: looking good

We’ve featured a couple of justin_m_winn‘s scenes of everyday life in the future previously. His models just keep getting better. This latest creation has a strong sense of being part of a greater world — the control room seems an island of activity in some kind of vast hangar. There’s a good use of lighting too. Sometimes nice interior touches in models are lost in photographs, but not here. Check out those classic printed control panel slopes…

Unmanned Probe RBN-10: Launch Status Check

Kombinat: apocalypse is now

A group of LEGO fans from Poland decided to build the hugest Fallout diorama ever, and Bartłomiej Huetter has already built the first part of the project. Kombinat features a derelict factory that’s been turned into a refuge for survivors in the wasteland. Despite all the chaos, people seem to find entertainment in this messy living space. A brewery, an arcade saloon, a dance club and a couple doing not so safe for work activities. I guess we can’t expect more fun out of this apocalyptic world!


Usually it’s quite hard to build a large scale diorama but sometimes they are also full of details that it’s harder to absorb everything at once. Luckily, Bartłomiej has created a huge album on Flickr which displays many details including stickers and digital designs of the early model. Make sure you don’t miss anything. The vehicles and minifigures are astonishing!

Kombinat_Left section_Flyby view 2 Kombinat_Middle section_The living quarters

A colonial bazaar

We’ve featured Patrick Massey with his amazing Al Amarj Island before, and once again he proves himself a master builder with this new addition to his portfolio. Considering the oriental folk and western troops, the Andus Tradehouse and Bazaar depicts a colonial period and perfectly manages to sum up all the little oriental details. Palm trees, the snake charmer, oil lamp posts, drunken lords and a silly jester makes a lively scene while different types of arches and columns turn the building into an impressive piece of architecture. Zoom in and take a peek at all the little details!

Andus Tradehouse and Bazaar

“We’re going on an adventure!”

Regardless of your opinion of the most recent movie adaptation, The Hobbit is a timeless adventure story that has stood the test of time. The idea of gaining the courage to leave home and embark on a grand adventure is the very idea that makes the world go round. It’s the idea that inspires adventure, inspires discovery, and creates stories for the next generation.

Noel Peterson has illustrated that moment of courage, of letting go, of leaving as Bilbo races across the bridge toward his destiny. The bridge has the perfect, aged, well-worn look, with life going on as two hobbits fish in the murky water. I like the story this build tells.

Going on an Adventure

TBB cover photo: April 2016

This month’s cover photo comes to us from teen builder K.Kreations, and is a depiction of Scottish hero William Wallace. This scene and more of his work were featured in the book Medieval LEGO, which we reviewed here last year.

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The weekend is here!

I think Bricktology has great ideas for this weekend. Let’s start Friday with a cool gathering in front of the old karaoke machine, fueled by sugar and delicious things to eat. Don’t forget to let the Yeti in from the cold!

Karaoke friday

Then on Saturday, its time for a BBQ! Plenty of food and drink and friends. Don’t go overboard, though; you’ve still got a day to go!

BBQ / Inuman sa Kanto

Last, but not least: Sunday. This day is for rest, relaxation, and remembering all the fun you had this weekend. If you have the energy, take some time to build with LEGO.

Sunday morning

So, what are your plans for the weekend?

When one world is not enough, you just need an escape route

Sometimes life can become routine and monotonous, giving no rest or calm. But Angelo_S. reminds us that when everything around is dull and cold and gray, there’s always an escape.


This work is a beautiful metaphor combining two opposed worlds in one shot. A skillfully executed microscale vignette seen through the gateway looks twice as alluring due to the forced perspective effect.

Konnichiwa from a modern Japanese home

Japanese style of building are a thing of wonder. I love their style and proper functionality — not a single bit of space is wasted, and this build by Gzu is a perfect example of this.

Ryokan (旅館) - Front

You can see the attention the builder has paid to all the details, like the little sandals at the door, and admire the functional sliding doors, smart toilet, tea table, small bed, and even the tiny bath. But if you choose, you can always go for something bigger:

温泉 - Onsen

So, who is ready for a vacation to Japan?

Spacetank! Spacetank! SPACETANK!

Norton74 has built a maintenance bay, home to a chunky tank decked out in Classic Space livery. Round here we love it when people build interesting new creations that pay homage to retro LEGO themes. This scene totally fits the bill.

"Blue Bull" Space Tank at the maintenance hangar

The expected mix of blue and gray, and the trans-yellow windows, are all present and correct, plus there’s an excellent sense of activity with all those minifigs bustling around. However, the undoubted star of the show is the tank itself, and I’m pleased the builder posted a “hero shot” to showcase it in all its glory…

"Blue Bull" | S-class Space Tank