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Victorian III and Victorian IIIB

Here are two similar creations built by Softa Rae. Original one is a few years old, while IIIB is just completed. It was build as a commission for some very lucky girl – it will be used as her doll house! Doll and the dogs are the only 3 non-LEGO elements in this build – all other 17.000 are pure LEGO. III and IIIB have some differences, the main one being the color – while III uses sand blue, IIIB is medium blue. Here you can see older one next to her other model, Victorian V.

Both models feature a full playable interior – house opens up for you to play. If you still haven’t seen her work, be sure to check out all of her houses, new and old on MOCpages, or her website.

Dawn Rock Castle

When something this marvelous and huge pops up on the internet, there isn’t much to say. Just lay back in your chair and enjoy the pictures. What I like the most about this castle built by LegoLord isn’t just the size, but the fortified and massive feel it gives. It looks like it serves its purpose well – defense. I would feel safe inside this one.

Dawn Rock Castle

The Hob

Alex Jones (Orion Pax) is ready to cruise with Snoop and the boyz in his new lowrider, “The Hob”. He will be bouncin’ down the road, with fully functional hydraulics, working lights, RC, plenty of chrome, and even an MP3 player complete with speaker.

When I was in high school I thought it would be fantastic to have a lowrider…I hadn’t thought about it for years, but this makes me want a real one again! Would a 2004 VW Golf look odd as a lowrider???

The Hob

Here is a video of it in action:
The Hob Rc Lowrider

For all the pics, visit Alex’s website.

Pete Reid’s hardsuit on CUUSOO is too much awesome

After my rant yesterday about LEGO CUUSOO, I was gently reminded that there are indeed some really original projects that deserve broad support from LEGO fans everywhere. We love Peter Reid‘s greebtacular hardsuits so much we’ve followed their evolution over the years.

Pete recently his latest iteration on CUUSOO a little while ago, and it’s hit 5,000 supporters — giving it a chance that we can get it to 10,000.

LEGO hardsuit by Pete Reid on CUUSOO

Look for us to continue supporting great, original projects like this here on TBB. I’ve supported it, and hope many of you out there join me.

Tiny rocket blasts off into space

Somehow, iridescent nohow manages to build a massive-looking rocket from (as far as I can tell) only nine or ten pieces. With gold such a key color in many spacecraft, particularly ingenious is the inverted rocket stage and fiery blast, connected by — you guessed it — the One Ring to Rule Them All:

Rocket Launch

The rest of this talented builder’s photostream is also well worth a lengthy perusal. Check out this Seussian landscape from The Lorax:

The Lorax

The Circle is Now Complete!

This is the STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI Chess set. It is the 3rd and final installment in a series of three LEGO Star Wars chess sets that Brandon Griffith built in celebration of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. Check out the other two sets; A NEW HOPE and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK

Will you play the Light Side?

or the Dark Side?