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Little Big Rig

Matija recently posted the results of when truck geniuses hang out. Well not only does that result in some pretty cool photos, but it also results in some pretty cool inspiration. Evan B ([Lego Junkie]) just so happens to be one of those that felt inspired, because he has posted a rather amazing minifig scale Peterbilt 379, complete with lowbed trailer and Caterpillar D10r Bulldozer.

Peterbilt 379, Caterpillar D10r Bulldozer.

Caterpillar D10r Bulldozer.

The attention to detail is definitely some top notch stuff. Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures in Evan’s photostream!!!

The Vintner’s Shop

There are a number of things that caught my eye in Stefan‘s latest creation, The Vintner’s Shop. The lovely color for sure, but then I took a closer look. The detail on the windows on the second floor! The cobblestone road! I had to do a double-take for the stairs to the entrance, too. Just lovely.

There are definitely some good techniques. I highly recommend a closer look!

This Mini is BIG on awesome

Alex D (Flak-Magnet) has just posted an absolutely adorable little Mini Cooper rally car. He has based the model design on Richard J Brown’s original. I have had a 5-wide Mini on my “to-build” list for ages now…this makes me want to build one.

The shapes and curves are acheived perfectly at this small scale. And just look how cool that roof rack is. Props to both Richard & Alex!!!

Alex’s Version
BMC Mini Rally

Richard’s Original:

Olympic Fever

The UK is currently gripped by both Olympic Fever and a heatwave… one way to cool off would be to dive into this Gold medal quality swimming pool MOC from Gary Davis (Bricks for Brains):

LEGO Olympics 2012 Aquatic Centre front view
The new Olympc minifigs look great in this amazing scene, however my favourite aspect has to be the synchronised swimmers!

LEGO Olympics 2012  synchro team team

There are a variety of viewpoints to enjoy on his Flickr stream, plus I highly recommend his Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds Lego creations. And for those of you wanting to see this up close and personal The Olympic Pool can be seen in the Westfield Stratford Lego Store in London.

Gary is a member of the Brickish Association  (UK Adult Fan of Lego user group).


That is the sound I find myself making when I look at Nick Trotta’s (tardisblue) latest spacecraft. There really is so much to love about it. The cockpit design for one thing is a really refreshing and unique take. The colouring is fanastic with the vibrant blue and orange contrasting the greys of the mechanical sections (plus the little splashes of red). And lastly the way the fuselage wraps around the gigantic engine…just makes it look dangerous, as if the ship is simply holding on for dear life.

Dark Moon Runner

Be sure to check out the photo set, there is a lot of fantastic details packed into this lil’ swoosher.

Cheers to Carson for the heads up…flickr seemed to have graciously failed to put this one in my contacts feed :P

Pew Pew

Tim Zarki (spook) has been doing a series of small scale sci-fi firearms. I have to admit that I was mildly disappointed when I discovered that there was not necessarily going to be a big mecha made to carry these…but the more he posts, the more I appreciate them as individual models! The scale is perfect to get a good amount of detail while still maintaining an almost cartoony toy vibe.

Codename "Pincushion"

Kozahr Gunforge "Cyclops" Thermal Deposition Rifle

I had trouble picking my favourites to post, but please be sure to check out the rest in his SubApoc set…which just so happens to be chock full of other cool stuff too :)

Streetfighter Custom Minifig Combo!

Julian Fong (levork) is a minifig customiser that I greatly admire… his designs always capture the essence of the subject whilst also making the transference to Lego style perfectly.

This group of custom minifigs based on the Streetfighter computer games are absolutely fantastic:

Street Fighter 2 minifigs - complete roster

He has also submitted this to CUUSOO which in my view would be a project that definitely deserves your support.

Levork this is a K.O. “You Win!”

Mini LEGO Tumbler from Batman

We’ve seen some great LEGO Tumblers here on TBB over the years, but this mini version by Tiler just might be my favorite.

Mini LEGO Batman Tumbler

With a great economy of parts and lighting to enhance the angles (black LEGO is especially tough to photograph), Tiler pulls it off wonderfully. He’s also built a batch of great camo versions:

Mini LEGO Batman camo Tumblers