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AD61: The Sacking of Camulodunum

This outstanding recreation of Roman Colchester is another example of peggyjdb’s (James Pegrum) excellent ability to interpret history through the medium of Lego bricks. The sheer scale of the diorama is impressive, but when you look at the architectural features it is hard to believe that he did not have help from the Roman engineers themselves. James did have help from Malravion (Thomas Coleman) on this… I think you will agree that they did a great job.

Roman Colchester

Roman Colchester

This was on display at the UK lego event STEAM in Swindon.

Steam Powered Juggernaut!

It took the brutish beauty of this steam powered Juggernaut by Jerac (Jerak) to get me fired up today:


Horde Juggernaut

Check out his Flickr stream for images of the interior and alternative views.

Olympic Fever

The UK is currently gripped by both Olympic Fever and a heatwave… one way to cool off would be to dive into this Gold medal quality swimming pool MOC from Gary Davis (Bricks for Brains):

LEGO Olympics 2012 Aquatic Centre front view
The new Olympc minifigs look great in this amazing scene, however my favourite aspect has to be the synchronised swimmers!

LEGO Olympics 2012  synchro team team

There are a variety of viewpoints to enjoy on his Flickr stream, plus I highly recommend his Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds Lego creations. And for those of you wanting to see this up close and personal The Olympic Pool can be seen in the Westfield Stratford Lego Store in London.

Gary is a member of the Brickish Association  (UK Adult Fan of Lego user group).

Streetfighter Custom Minifig Combo!

Julian Fong (levork) is a minifig customiser that I greatly admire… his designs always capture the essence of the subject whilst also making the transference to Lego style perfectly.

This group of custom minifigs based on the Streetfighter computer games are absolutely fantastic:

Street Fighter 2 minifigs - complete roster

He has also submitted this to CUUSOO which in my view would be a project that definitely deserves your support.

Levork this is a K.O. “You Win!”

Isle Lothloxia

The scale of this scene from L D M is breathtaking… not only does it have one of the finest Castle Keeps I have seen, it also has some wonderful water effects as well. I can almost hear the waves breaking on the beach.

Isle Lothloxia

It’s a Twister!

This creation from Dr. Church is a great combination of building to suggest motion (the minifigs, the trees and the structure all deformed away from twister) and actual motion (the twister actually spins!):

It's a Twister!

and check out this video of it in It’s a Twister!

It blew me away when I saw this ;-)

The Old Lifeboat Station

The stonework technique on this Lifeboat Station by Derfel Cadarn is wonderful, especially when combined with the architectural features like the archway and roof design.

The Old Lifeboat Station



It came from the Deep!

This scene from Groovybones (Sam Malmberg) appeals to me on a number of levels, but mainly due to the fact that it really looks like a kraken has arisen from the deep.  The water effect, tentacles and minifig positioning achieve this illusion brilliantly.

Part 13

Polarcus Alima Oceanographic Vessel

Continuing on the nautical theme Lego Monster (Ed Diment), who is never one to shy away from a big project, has created this amazing Minifig scale vessel for Polarcus:

Polarcus Alima complete 1

I marvel at the hull design that not only has a beautiful shape but also incorporates some pretty intricate lettering.

Polarcus Alima complete 5

Taking a decent picture of something this big is a real challenge so please check out his photostream for more pictures of this creation (including work in progress images).

Planet of the Apes

I am probably showing my age here… but this scene from Moritz  (Nolnet) is just a perfect representation of an iconic scene from a classic movie.

Planet of the Apes

As soon as I saw the Lady Liberty in the minifigs series I knew this needed to be done… and nolnet “finally really did it”… the maniac ;-)

EDIT:  It would seem that we have another builder going Ape… Sean Jensen (Steadibrick , yes the guy who did the Steam Tie Fighter) just posted this prior to displaying it at Brickworld:

You Maniacs!

It is great to see two completely different styles used to achieve the same effect.  Personally I think they are both brilliant.

New Gears of War gets the custom treatment

Some may already know me but I am Jas (Jasbrick on Flickr) and I have an unhealthy obsession with mutilating ABS plastic.  I promise that this fixation will not divert me from highlighting unadulterated creations, but I thought it fitting that my first official post involves customisation… and what better way to start than with pure brilliance:

Gear Project Update

Andrew (Pecovam on Flickr) is a talent that I have been watching closely over the last year and this image of his Gears of War project is all the reason you need to see why.  This project combines all the best aspects of the customisers art, with flawless sculpting, painting, combinations and even an MOC by Legohaulic to just add the cherry to the cake.

There are more pictures of his work on Flickr and any aspiring customisers can use this to see how it should be done… and us Gearheads can just drool at the COG goodies he is working on.