Planet of the Apes

I am probably showing my age here… but this scene from Moritz  (Nolnet) is just a perfect representation of an iconic scene from a classic movie.

Planet of the Apes

As soon as I saw the Lady Liberty in the minifigs series I knew this needed to be done… and nolnet “finally really did it”… the maniac ;-)

EDIT:  It would seem that we have another builder going Ape… Sean Jensen (Steadibrick , yes the guy who did the Steam Tie Fighter) just posted this prior to displaying it at Brickworld:

You Maniacs!

It is great to see two completely different styles used to achieve the same effect.  Personally I think they are both brilliant.

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  1. Eklund

    Glad to see both of these creations on here. I think that they are both incredible. It is cool to see how the objects of the larger creation are also portrayed in the microscale version. The miniscale horse is especially terrific.

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