Streetfighter Custom Minifig Combo!

Julian Fong (levork) is a minifig customiser that I greatly admire… his designs always capture the essence of the subject whilst also making the transference to Lego style perfectly.

This group of custom minifigs based on the Streetfighter computer games are absolutely fantastic:

Street Fighter 2 minifigs - complete roster

He has also submitted this to CUUSOO which in my view would be a project that definitely deserves your support.

Levork this is a K.O. “You Win!”

6 comments on “Streetfighter Custom Minifig Combo!

  1. manfromporlock

    These figures are very well done, but this is another one of those Cuusoo projects that just won’t ever happen. This is another new licensed IP (yet another video game-based one) and there’s no build here which makes these all “action figures” and a non-starter.

    If there was a good build that came with them, maybe I could see it happening through Cuusoo, but it would be outrageously expensive. I will just say that I respect all of the hard work that he obviously did.

  2. JasBrick Post author

    @manfromporlock Totally accept and agree with your evaluation of this with regard to Cuusoo…. but that won’t stop me supporting it. I would be interested to see what playsets could be developed around the Streetfighter concept. Maybe this is a challenge for those more inclined to building than customising.

    Cuusoo has made things very interesting and you never know when a snowball might stand a chance in hell ;-)

  3. Catsy

    Gotta agree. As magnificent as these customs are and as much as I’d like to see all these wonderful new minifig parts, not only is the minifig-only aspect unlikely to play at CUUSOO, there’s the theme: a violent video game where the sole focus is a bunch of morally-ambiguous characters graphically beating the tar out of each other.

    Never. Gonna. Happen.

  4. levork

    As Catsy guessed, CUUSOO did indeed reject my submission based on the theme. They didn’t tell me which guideline they thought it violated. I did read their list prior to submitting the project (, and I thought the only aspect that might cross the line was “blood” – but I figured Street Fighter might get a free pass since Nintendo was already notoriously uptight about any blood in the home console ports.

    I’m also a little disappointed that Lego is applying their own guidelines inconsistently about licensed properties. The Lord of the Rings are incredibly violent movies full of death, yet there are lots of sets with pointy weapons being released this year.

  5. jabadala

    Lego needs to be little more forthcoming on their rejection statements. Sick and tired of the bullshit they throw around.

  6. antibolo

    As a Street Fighter fan I feel the need to correct your misguided “morally-ambiguous characters” comment. Only 20% or so of all SF characters are evil. Everyone else is a good-natured martial artist, and in some cases a member of law enforcement.

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