Skull Fighter

Well this has to be one of the most unique things that I have seen in a long time! But really can we expect anything less from Bartosz Kacprzyk (oneman)???

Skull Fighter

That skull is so whimsical, and combined with the checker pattern on the fuselage…just absolutely lovely!!! I can totally picture this buzzing around the screen of a Tim Burton film!

5 comments on “Skull Fighter

  1. Deus

    This is an amazing creation, but I thought the picture quality had to be on a certain level, meeting a requirement that does not seem to be filled in this case. Or my eyesight got worse on this and the last other blog posts, but only on photographs.

  2. Tromas Post author

    @ Deus – You are right that picture quality helps. It certainly makes a LEGO model initially look more eye-catching. That being said, the quality of the model is far more important in my eyes. Could this photo, and Flak_Magnet’s photo of the Mini be higher quality??…sure, but the fact is, both images do still clearly show the models. Both are on neutral background and both are in focus. I am certainly not going to hold out on posting a fantastic model just because it isn’t professionally photoshopped.

    And in Bartosz’s case, if anything I think the graininess of the photo adds to it (considering the subject matter).

  3. Tromas Post author

    No worries Bartosz!

    I am not sure why there would have been a difference in the photo quality. I did just edit the post with a slightly smaller copy of the photo, but not sure if that really made any difference or not?

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