Pete Reid’s hardsuit on CUUSOO is too much awesome

After my rant yesterday about LEGO CUUSOO, I was gently reminded that there are indeed some really original projects that deserve broad support from LEGO fans everywhere. We love Peter Reid‘s greebtacular hardsuits so much we’ve followed their evolution over the years.

Pete recently his latest iteration on CUUSOO a little while ago, and it’s hit 5,000 supporters — giving it a chance that we can get it to 10,000.

LEGO hardsuit by Pete Reid on CUUSOO

Look for us to continue supporting great, original projects like this here on TBB. I’ve supported it, and hope many of you out there join me.

2 comments on “Pete Reid’s hardsuit on CUUSOO is too much awesome

  1. BrickCommander

    What’s the point in putting this up on cuuso? I don’t see any LEGO set potential here. After removing all the dislocated minifig hand and illegal/weak connections, there’s little left of this model … Does every fan builder really have to submit his stuff on cuuso these day?

  2. Rifflestein

    I agree wholeheartedly with BrickCommander, this is a waste of time. I really like the MOC, but there’s no legitimate reason to put this up on CUUSOO. Putting your MOC on that site has become the new fad, and serves no real purpose. CUUSOO is becoming like the new photo sharing site, where most of the content follows this stucture:
    1) Post a MOC that you think is cool, regardless of whether or not you really think LEGO would sell it/people would buy it.
    2) Post a link to it on every photo sharing site to gather “supporters”, which have become identical to the “likes” of Flickr, Facebook, Youtube, etc.
    3) Get people commenting, saying “OMG this is awesome!”, or even better, “nice”; just some of the comments that are identical to and as un-CUUSOO-related as the ones you would get on a picture of it on any other site.

    There is so much stuff on there that is either one of the million World War ___ jeeps and tanks that exist, or clones. CUUSOO is no longer CUSOO, it’s just the new LEGO Flickr group, minus the random Minifig photography.

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