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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

Formula Z for zero gravity racing

It’s the lead up to the Formula Zero Gravity Championships for Octan Racing’s Tigress. Piloted by a rookie racing under the name Octana, this larger-than-minifigure scale racer is ready for its paces. Builder Tim Goddard has used a variety of interesting techniques to get the amazing angles and sharp lines of this beastly speeder.


The body appears to be an extension of the cockpit window, which has been wrapped around a massive rear engine. Plus, there’s the great use of regular and inverted tall slope bricks opposite each other to create interesting panel lines. Slap on a hefty rear stabilizing wing with a handful of maneuvering thrusters and coat liberally with Octan livery and you have yourself an incredible racing monster. As the competing teams continue to work on their racers for a warm up race in Leicester this weekend, I think Octana and her ferocious feline are in for a fantastic racing season!

Tigress cockpit

Battle above unknown worlds in a vertical starfighter

Nick Trotta’s series of detailed and unusually shaped starfighters continues with a vertical fighter named Volkite. The verticality combined with excellent color blocking and smooth transitions between sections of the craft make an eye-catching model.


On his YouTube, Nick shows a couple videos about Volkite. The video below shows how each chunk of the starfighter fits together (about 18 minutes long). It is a fascinating watch as you can see how the smooth transitions between components are achieved.

Spacious speeder servicing center

Take a moment to peer past the speeders and interesting robots, under the beautiful roller door, to the black minifigs in the deep background and appreciate the epic scale of this model. Zach‘s build Team ADU’s Corporate Headquarters has a renovated warehouse feeling. I love how the older-looking brick walls adjoin the skylights and the hinged paneled ceiling. Hanging hoses, ducting and pipework add intricate details while the windows allow ample light into the hive of activity below.

Just another day in the garage

Add more hoses, canisters and the brilliant iron girder in the foreground adding an amazing depth of field, combined with the great use of stickered and printed bricks and a fantastic strange wee red robot all equals a fascinating scene and a great photograph.

Spaceship, Spaceship, Spaceship: A peek into the mind of British builder Jeremy Williams [Interview]

This week we got to sit down with British builder Jeremy Williams (aka “Bricking It”). He lives in Leicester with his wife and two young sons (ages 5 and 6). He travels frequently, consulting for accounting firms and training their accountants. However, I was able to catch him between road trips and pick his brain. Come explore the mind of a builder with me!

Jeremy Williams

TBB: Hey Jeremy, can you tell us how you got into LEGO?

Jeremy: Sure – I got into LEGO as a kid, and Classic Space was my era. I spent every evening building and playing with spaceships! I also got slightly into Technic, but never Castle or City. I then abandoned LEGO as a teenager and only picked it up again six years ago after my first son was born. I figured I had an excuse again!

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Lunar dune crawler reminisces the Classic Space era

As a huge fan of LEGO’s Classic Space theme, I’ve always felt that there is so much more to explore around this old-school theme. Until the day comes that the designers in Billund decide to renew this theme, we can continue to enjoy the vast imagination of builders like Brian Grissom. Cleverly crafting a great-looking lunar dune crawler that seats two Minifigures comfortably, this rover is surely a favourite of Classic Spaceman Benny, who’d be delighted to add this to his ever growing collection of vehicles.

Lunar Dune Crawler For Two - Febrovery

Bricks, Bikes and a Book: a talk with German brick artist Aran Jistukawa-Hudson [Interview]

This week we talk with Aran Jitsukawa-Hudson (AKA Cole Blaq) about his art, philosophy and his life. Aran was born in Great Britain and grew up in Germany. He lives in Düsseldorf with his wife and three kids, is a cancer survivor, and attended university as an Art History student. We interviewed him 6 years ago here on The Brothers Brick, but there’s a lot to catch up on since then. He is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to publish an art book based on his Enter the Brick series. Let’s go explore the mind of a builder.

Hello, my name is...
Taggin' the turf
TBB: First of all, could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself? What got you into LEGO and what kept you there?

Aran: My real name is Aran Jitsukawa-Hudson, as some might know. My alter ego as an artist is Cole Blaq, which is a reference to a comic character and an adaption to Hip Hop language.

I am British by origin but mainly grew up in Germany. With my wonderful wife being Japanese, we’re a rich blend of cultures! Now I live in Dusseldorf, Germany, which is located at the river Rhine, north of Cologne.

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What is the nature of your space emergency?

We see a lot of military and exploration rovers and ships in LEGO Space, but other services make only irregular appearances. Frost attempts to balance things out with this smart Medical Rover. The colour scheme absolutely pops on this model, especially coupled with the lime green minimalist scenery. But for me, it’s all about the double cockpit and the angled “snout” — an eye-catching unusual design, nicely-built.

Febrovery 2017 Day 17

Don’t miss the view of the rover’s rear, and the excellent use of short red axle pieces in “cross-hole bricks” to create mini Red Cross symbols. Lovely.

Emergency Medical Response Rover

Glow-in-the-dark speeder lights up the way

It’s easy to default to the same adjectives whenever one of Tyler’s builds shows up — amazing, epic, awesome, stunning, awe-inspiring, breathtaking, etc. I’m at a typical loss for words with his latest, this sweet glow-in-the-dark speeder.


Tyler is one of those rare builders who can turn any pile of parts — like some black and a handful of actual glow-in-the-dark elements — into something really special. Flawless photography and editing doesn’t hurt either. Overall, this is a cool design, well-presented.

In space, no one can hear you refuelling

LEGO Space is a much-loved theme and builders continue to create new interpretations in what is commonly referred to as “Neo-Classic Space”. Rob Damiano has built a fantastic Rover Utility Vehicle — part of his wider Nova Team adventures. Apparently the R.U.V. is the “golf cart” of the Federation — just big enough for one occupant, with a tool box in the rear compartment.

R.U.V. - Rover Utility Vehicle

The rover and fuel tanker are both great little builds, but it’s the overall scene and photography which makes this really impressive. I love the lighting and the sense of distance created by the backdrop.

R.U.V. - Rover Utility Vehicle - Fuel Carrier

Sad robot will make you happy

LEGO’s new Brickheadz line has prompted a few fan-built creations using the same chunky feel. This robot by Luigi Priori was inspired by the official line, but rises above aping the style to be a great model in its own right. Here the chibi look enhances the creation, whereas recently I’ve seen a lot of Brickheadz-style figures where the blockiness has felt a little forced. Luigi’s Mr Robot may look terribly sad, but he’s nicely put together — the over-sized limbs work well with the cubist feel of the torso, creating a super-deformed super-cute robot with a real sense of character.

A spaceman's best friend

Even a Spacehog needs some bumble bee stripes

As the Febrovery event comes to its conclusion, I couldn’t resist featuring one more ‘rover’ – although a Spacehog is more of a bike than a rover. With an extra long front fork and a laid back riding position, Brian Grissom has definitely captured the feel of a Harley Davison motorbike or “Hog”. I imagine this Spacehog will be an altogether quieter ride in the vacuum of space, compared to the thundering roar of a Harley down here on Earth!

Spacehog, Spacehog, Spacehog! - Febrovery

I’m not sure how practical this particular vehicle would be on the tough terrain encountered in space, but Benny seems to be loving every second of his ride. Fan’s of Classic Space will recognise the nod to those classic “bumble-bee” stripes cleverly included in the central portion on the frame.

We launch at first light

Sometimes amazing LEGO creations are elevated to outright works of art. All it takes is a stunning background and immaculate lighting. This photo of Tim Goddard‘s simple little blue shuttle and his not-so-simple “Nexagon” launch platform looks like it could find a ready home in a museum.

Nexagon landscape

Tim built this creation for the NEXOGON, a parts festival hosted by New Elementary for the new NEXO Knight combo power shield. It’s a strange new piece that probably has more uses than we might expect. Tim used the part as the center of his landing pad, resulting in a cool triangular shape.