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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

A shimmering gateway to new worlds

Inspired by the new Nexo Knights theme, Milan Sekiz has created a scene that, like the Nexo Knights theme itself, is half castle, half space, and complete awesomeness. The swirling portal door is beautifully designed and the premise of the build, the Nexo Knights’ firsts steps into a fantastical new world, is inspired.

Nexo Knights Origins

Check out more photos on Flickr.

A blast from future past, with Space:1999

Gary Davis is well known for his love of all things Gerry Anderson, and his latest creations are a blast from the ‘future’. Back in 1975 a new British TV show called Space:1999 was aired, following the exploits of the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha after the moon breaks orbit and goes wandering in space. I have to admit that before looking into more depth at the show, I thought Gary had designed a new LEGO theme; what a great idea, a new theme of retro space called Space:1999!

Rescue Eagle on pad 5

Above we have a rescue Eagle on the launchpad, which you can compare to one from the original television series. Gary has added some nice lighting to ensure launchpad Health & Safety rules are obeyed. The orange is a lovely contrast colour here, but the greebled pad details are my favourite part.

Eagle Hawk Eagle2

Have a look at these screenshots from the original TV series showing Eagle on the launch pad, a Hawk from the episode War Games and a close-up of Rescue Eagle taking off. Gary’s attention to detail, shaping and SNOT skills all work to create really accurate LEGO models of the original TV models of Eagle, Hawk and Rescue Eagle.

Rescue Eagle on pad 5

All the greeble-tastic details can be seen in Gary’s Space:1999 Album on Flickr.

Slow and steady and heavily armed wins the race

What I love about the famous 21109 Exo-Suit set is not the exo-suit itself, but that totally adorable mechanic turtle. It looks so clumsy and intimidating at the same time and I would be happy to see it as a polybag set one day. Peter Reid‘s turtle production line has been running for about 6 years already. Finally, a huge weaponry update is here and it is super badass.

Heavy Weapons Turtles

It’s not one, not two, but three heavy launchers which can be placed onto turtles’ shells. The contrast between small mechanic animals and enormous cannons is brilliant. And I like different colors of 1 x 1 round tiles in the head of each turtle – it immediately creates a particular character for each of these three models.

A wheely big planetary rover

It’s time to leave January and its Droneuary shenanigans behind and move onto the fun of FebROVERy. First out of the garage is Jonas‘ (aka Legopard) Planetary Rover – a tricycle on steroids.  Not only does this rover fit the monthly build challenge,  but it transpires that Jonas is also taking part in Iron Builder 4.0 – Round 8 against Tim Schwalfenberg.

The wheels on this rover are great but the inside of the tires are really special thanks to the transparent red grilles. The seed part is the Technic metallic pin connector,  and it forms the unusual wheel attachment in this particular entry.  I also love the comfy looking leather covered driving seat in the cockpit, who doesn’t want 360° vision when out exploring?

Planetary Rover

Jonas has been featured regularly on TBB, in 2016 thus far we have bogged his Flying Erwin, Tree House and Morgan 3-wheeler.

Announcing the Brothers Brick contest: SPACE CHEFS

This February, we’re turning up the heat with a culinary clash of cosmic proportions. Here come the Space Chefs! You have one month to cook up an amazing Space Chefs creation. Whip up something crazy! Show the universe you won’t be beaten!

Space Chefs - Competition Time

There are PRIZES, including LEGO sets, and a copy of the quite fantastic LEGO Space: Building The Future book, kindly donated by the authors Pete Reid and Tim Goddard. Head over to the Space Chefs group on Flickr and check out the categories, rules and prize details.

Buggy class exploratory vehicle

FebRovery‘s come early this year! Ilya T.’s greyscale rover is just the thing to kick off twenty-nine days of rover-fueled madness. (That’s right everyone, 2016 is a leap year! So why not use your extra day to build a rover of your own?) I love the tight construction inside the small bubble-cockpit, the conical rear end, and the pop of color from the spaceman’s red suit. But the real selling point of Ilya’s build are those fantastic heptagonal wheels.

Rover SCP-1

3D-printing Martian habitats with a NASA drone

Like many sci-fi, science, and space geeks, the exploration and colonization of Mars has always held a special fascination for me. Shannon Sproule has created a LEGO version of a novel idea — sending a drone to 3D print habitats on Mars. With a realistic color scheme and extensive use of round bricks, including a pair of round 7×7 domes, Shannon has created a plausible construction robot. Here’s hoping NASA is paying attention to innovative ideas like this!

NASA 3D printing robot

This will get you through the blizzard

It’s no secret that Ice Planet is my favourite Space subtheme, so when I saw this “Elephant” transport vehicle from Kirill, I knew I was going to have a good time.

Elephant Transporter

There’s a lot more to this behemoth than ample use of large Technic parts to create a very solid hull. As the creator explains, inspiration came from the new Nexo Knights theme and all its new parts, which borrow heavily from the Ice Planet livery.

But, what you may not have guessed, is that this build is entirely motorized and able to traverse actual snow and ice:

(EDIT: An earlier version of this post mis-attributed the photo and the builder’s name. We contacted the real builder and confirmed who actually built this excellent vehicle. We take proper attribution very seriously. Our apologies to the builder and our readers for getting the attribution wrong on this one.)

LEGO Warhammer 40K Imperial Knight

Warhammer and Warhammer 40K are a lot like LEGO in terms of getting its hooks into you and draining away your time and money. Spare a thought then for people like funnystuffs who are involved in both hobbies. Luckily for us, it usually leads to creations like this – an Imperial Knight with a cockpit that fits a minifig as well as articulated joints.

Warhammer 40k

Check out the original, solid model version to judge how close this comes.

Neo-Classic Micro Space goodness

Jeremy Williams brings us a beautiful microscale spaceship in Neo-Classic Space livery.

LL-945 'Arrowhead' plan

The level of detailing and “greebliness” of this build is amazing for such a small model. This is made possible by some nice parts usage with paint rollers, syringes and droid arms all making an appearance alongside textured and curved bricks.

And as if it couldn’t be any better, Jeremy’s also done some excellent boxart. I want to own an entire fleet of these…

LL-945 'Arrowhead' starfighter

Little LEGO starship is packed full of grunt

Gabe Umland says he’s been unable to build for a while as he’s at college and away from his brick collection. Well, the enforced break hasn’t done his building skills any harm judging by the excellent little starship he just posted…

CF-1008 Crosscurrent

I’m really enjoying the brutish shaping of this bad boy. It just looks chock-full of power and grunt. Gabe says he wanted to create the feel of an American muscle car in a spaceship and I think he’s done just that. The greebling is good, creating a feel of functionality and power, and I like the use of stickers. The color scheme is also interesting for a space build – olive green, dark grey and tan accents all going well together, and not looking as military as you might expect. The red canopy is a nice touch to offset the more drab body colors.

In Gabe’s world, owners of these spacecraft are always customising them, and he’s built a nice little spaceship hangar scene, full of chaotic detail, showing the customisation process in action. Check it out.

Crosscurrent Hanger

Medium azure never looked better!

And I thought we had already seen all the cool ships from last year… Turns out TBB favorite Tyler Clites has just posted his fabulous contribution to SHIPtember, last year’s month-long spaceship building challenge.


The builder says it took longer than a month to complete (not exactly ideal as it is only a month-long ordeal). But I think we can cut Tyler some slack with this one. Those curves are fantastic. The color choice is superb. Undoubtedly one of the most stunning spaceships I’ve ever seen!