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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

Sleek space carrier is ready for battle

Apparently this is SweStar‘s first attempt at a SHIP (a LEGO spaceship exceeding 100 studs in length). It’s a hell of a debut — nice shaping, sharp color blocking, and some smart greebly details. I particularly like the color choices for the striping — the muted sand blue and sand green make for an interesting change from the brighter stripes which seem to have become the staple design choice on brick-built capital ships.


The bridge towards the rear looks fantastic with that raked section beneath, and whilst it’s not bristling with weaponry, the guns it does display look pretty hefty. The trapezoidal cross-section somehow makes the whole thing look both sleek and mean. Check out this view of the bow…


S.S. Helios reporting; what are your orders?

After hiatus, Sean and Steph Mayo have returned in style with the S.S. Helios, and it is a thing of beauty. As we’ve come to expect, this starfighter features some fantastic parts usage, with a vibrant color scheme. Can you spot the Elves keys? And the dinner plates turned weapons?

If you can narrow it down, what part is your favorite?

Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship

As SHIPtember 2016 continues, many unique designs for spacefaring vehicles continue to emerge from the LEGO community. This glowing alien exploration vessel by Cecilie Fritzvold really stands out thanks to the stark contrast between the complex (almost organic) bottom section, and solid monochromatic top.

Zea'x Dauphyz

While I think the above angle shows off the build best, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a profile shot too, so that you can really appreciate this ship’s alien proportions:

Zea'x Dauphyz

The Shiva Class Quark Bomber goes for precision

September is in full swing, and with it, another lovely large ship for us to share with you. Today’s beauty comes from Brick Martil, with the Shiva Class Quark Bomber. This beautiful ship has elegant lines along with some fantastic color highlighting, with the orange. It stands out nicely.

I do like the custom stickers, which give it a nice finished feel. I like the angles in the stern of the ship, which give the whole thing a nice feel.

Shiva class quark bomber. Final. Shiptember 2016

A ship built for the defense of Earth

Andreas Lenander’s destroyer, named the USS Viking, shows that good design doesn’t necessarily require fancy building techniques. It’s Andreas’s design work that caught my eye on his spacecraft, with clean slots through the red plating on the sides and top revealing a good amount of detail bits. Impressive work, especially for his first build of a spacecraft at this scale.

USS Viking - JYL-class destroyer

See more photos of the USS Viking, with shots of the building process, on Flickr.

LEGO chestburster from Alien is horrifyingly awesome

Back in 2007 we blogged an awesome LEGO creation by the Arvo Brothers which featured a chestburster emerging from some unlucky person, in a recreation of a scene from the classic Sci-Fi horror film Alien. Well not only have the Arvo Brothers now updated their build with a base and some new parts to improve the design, but they have also finally published instructions!

LEGO Alien Chestburster

The updated version has a white base similar to the base created for their recent Alien Project and changes to the teeth and nose area. The blood pool also has some fantastic sinewy arterial red parts that add to the horror and seem more anatomically realistic.

LEGO Alien Chestburster

The seeping blood spilling from the larger pool, through the base and onto the floor, is undoubtedly my favourite part. I hope this doesn’t reflect any morbid tendencies I may have! Building instructions are available by contacting the Arvo Brothers via email [email protected] and should be on their website soon.

The Sword is mightier than the other spaceships

Michał Kaźmierczak is one of many LEGO builders taking part in this year’s SHIPtember, a contest where the rules are simple: one month; one SHIP; one hundred or more studs in size. The term S.H.I.P. stands for Seriously Huge Investment in Parts, and Michał’s creation is an impressive 202 stud long ship named Sword. In addition to some stickers, Sword features windows added using ultraviolet paint to help create the beautiful lighting effect in the image below:

"Sword" in space

The detailed underside of Sword is full of delicious greebles that contrast with the smooth lines of the main hull:

Sword above the planet surface

A side view allows for a greater appreciation of this 170cm long LEGO creation. The blue stern area really stands out and makes for some eye-catching contrast to the grey hull. As with all ships, regardless of size, one key aspect is the SWOOSH factor. And I think this one has more of a SCHWING!


Recon satellite has acquired its target

Dead Frog Inc builds great mechs and spaceships, and presents them in a stark style which has become something of a signature. This satellite model makes great use of the still-relatively-new balloon pieces to create smooth flowing lines around a central core of functional-looking details. I like the satellite’s “face” — the central curved grey eye and the flanking lenses (provided by minifig binoculars) are excellent. I have no idea if this is meant to be a recon satellite, but I imagine it panning slowly round in low-Earth orbit, keeping an unsuspecting target fixed in its implacable gaze.


X-Wing! X-Wing! X-WING!!

Томас Чижаускас mixes Star Wars and LEGO’s Classic Space to great effect in this X-Wing-inspired build. I can just imagine the arguments between Luke Skywalker and Benny The Spaceman over who got to take this out for its maiden flight.

Galaxy Awaits

I’m sure LEGO builders have mashed these themes together before, but I don’t recall having seen it done, and certainly not with this level of impact. The combination of that signature shape and the nostalgic color scheme is ticking all the right boxes for me. There’s some smart greebling but it’s not overdone, and I’m enjoying the builder’s work on the “anti-stud” surface of the lower wing — those turntable pieces make for some cool detailing. The only thing missing for me is the Classic Space black and yellow striping — whilst there’s a hint of it in the Technic wing-opening mechanism, it might have featured as a more prominent nod to the theme’s conventions.


I’d love to fly this model around and make engine and pew-pew noises — it looks eminently swooshable. Judging by the facial expressions on the guys in the cockpit, everything is obviously awesome when it comes to piloting this wonderful spacecraft…


Hive MotherSHIP Hh’alamand’ia

This will not be the last impressive LEGO ship we see this month. This beautiful behemoth from BobDeQuatre is much larger than it appears, being over 100 studs long.

The sculpting and colors on this are just lovely. I particularly like the use of the hot air balloon pieces near the bottom, as part of what looks to be a gun of some sort. The central flower reminds me of an ever watching eye, which is both awesome and creepy.

I invite you to spend some time pouring over the details, because Hh’alamand’ia is packed with them!

Hh'alamand'ia - Space Squids Hive MotherSHIP

Breaking Bad in spaaaaaaaace

Remember when Citizen Brick created a set based off of Breaking Bad and there was a row on the internet? While that drama may long be past, the inspiration to build LEGO renditions of the show still exists. And, because this is LEGO, there just had to be a mashup with space down the line. Finally making it a reality is MadLEGOman with the build titled “Spacing Bad”.


Not only is this a sizeable creation with a detailed interior and complete LEGO drug lab, but it also seems to be created using only official LEGO bricks with original prints.


Oh, and please notice the pair of pants hanging on the mirror. The design of this ship really reminds me of the Eagle 5 from Spaceballs. Then again, it’s the only other flying camper van I know of.

Get ready for big spaceships

For some reason, LEGO builders like to make very large spaceships in September. Many of them spend the entire month working on their models, only releasing photos at the last possible moment. But Shannon Ocean is starting the season off with a bang.

Not only is this ship over 100 studs long, it has a well-blocked color scheme and some great stickers. What really stands out, though, is the uniquely innovative warp drive at the tail end. It looks sorta like the front of an old 50’s-style raygun, but is also vaguely evocative of something late modern, like Star Trek. And, oh my stars, that studs-down base! I hope the rest of the month is this exciting.

SHIPtember: SVB Kilimanjaro cruiser