Keepin’ it real for NnoVVember 2013 [Editorial]

The last stage of the sci-fi theme month trifecta is upon us. And NnoVVember is the original theme month. Started in 2008 by the late great Nate “nnenn” Nielson as a personal challenge to post a Vic Viper starfighter from the Gradius video game series for each day of the month. The challenge has continued Continue reading →

2012 NnoVVember Map

Once again Pascal (pasukaru76) worked his magic with the final Nnovvember map. This year was a very impressive turnout of 269 Vic Vipers by 133 different builders! I actually found it hard to keep up with all the amazing creations this year…I am still playing catch up in fact. Awesome job everyone and as usual Continue reading →

Coalesce in this minifigure-scaled gallery

Coalesce, built by Brandon Griffith for Comic-Con 2019’s LEGO booth, features a gallery showing I’d be happy to attend in real life.

Bedlam in the sahn

Who will win in an epic showdown between our heroes and the evil Snake Wizard in this exotic scene by Ted Andes?

Have you had enough water today?

Dehydration is no joke. Just ask this cattle skull created by builder Toa Aparu. On second thought, it’s too late to ask it anything. Just drink your water!

This catfish will shake your world

[Jack Frost] has created a super cute version of Namazu, the giant catfish of Japanese mythology that causes earthquakes and mass destruction. Don’t let those big eyes fool you; this is one dangerous fish.

Can a volcano be a character?

If you think Bionicle is just about humanoid robots in cool poses, chubbybots’ volcano will surely surprise you!

From the depths of space, something wicked this way comes

We may not be sure what Ktulu is, but this giant ship from builder Maelven is a stunning example of biologic spaceship building. Or creature building. Whatever it is, it’s great.

This old-timey racer has moxie, see!

Put on your glad rags and get a wiggle on in this vintage race car built by Joe Maruschak. Now that’s cooking with gas!

Swoosh in space in style

Builder seb71 gives us a beautiful spaceship to swoosh around. Check out that balloon piece!

It’s the little things that cause the biggest problems

In this explosive diorama, Ben Cossy demonstrates one of many reasons why The Empire can’t have nice things.

This Fred Flintstone portrait is a Yabba-Dabba-Doozie!

You’ll want to shout “Yabba-Dabba-Doo” when you see this incredible three-dimensional portrait of Fred Flintstone by SuckMyBrick!