Keepin’ it real for NnoVVember 2013 [Editorial]

The last stage of the sci-fi theme month trifecta is upon us. And NnoVVember is the original theme month. Started in 2008 by the late great Nate “nnenn” Nielson as a personal challenge to post a Vic Viper starfighter from the Gradius video game series for each day of the month. The challenge has continued Continue reading →

2012 NnoVVember Map

Once again Pascal (pasukaru76) worked his magic with the final Nnovvember map. This year was a very impressive turnout of 269 Vic Vipers by 133 different builders! I actually found it hard to keep up with all the amazing creations this year…I am still playing catch up in fact. Awesome job everyone and as usual Continue reading →

Check out this incredibly huge and detailed LEGO diorama of the Eternal City, Rome

Never visited Rome, but always wanted to see it? Just got back, but long to see it again? Then look no further than Rocco Buttliere’s epic LEGO model of the Eternal City.

Tinkle the tiny ivories with this teeny piano [Instructions]

Build this cute upright piano along with Tiago Catarino

Welcome the lunar new year with this festive LEGO tree

When life gives you LEGO propellers, make beautiful apricot blossoms, like Khang Huynh has done here.

Build your own minifig-scale LEGO pool table [Instructions]

ROund out your LEGO lounge with this pool table and couch instructions by Tiago Catarino

She’s got it where it counts, kid

Blast out of any difficult situation with the ship of dreams, the Millennium Falcon as built by Andreas Lenander.

Dream if you can a courtyard, an ocean of violets in bloom

Marco De Bon built a delightfully purple insectoid mech inspired by the Aura Battler Dunbine anime series. In unrelated news, I have Prince tunes stuck in my head.

Dangit, Alfred!

“This is worse than when Alfred shrunk my cape!” LEGO builder Alego Alego has created a nifty microscale UCS Batmobile. Clever building creates the right shape from uncommon parts.

...And it all led up to Edward’s Island

Dale Harris has been building a lot of Neo-Fabuland stuff lately and this is the fabulous end result!

TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for January 25, 2020

In this week’s Brick Report we review the massive Imperial Star Destroyer set, celebrate the newly announced LEGO Ideas sets and more!

Stunning model of F-Town building

Feast your eyes on this model of a modern building by aukbricks