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A truck that puts the “up” in pickup

This fanciful LEGO creation by Martin Redfern was inspired by the concept art of Ian McQue. I like how the front hook seems to be holding the truck aloft (although the delightful greebles in the back are more likely culprits for the vehicle’s propulsion system). The grays and browns give this build a lived-in vibe, but they are nicely balanced by the vibrant red.

Flying Pick Up ( Inspired by Ian McQue )

Originally built in 2016, this model was one of the inaugural models displayed in the Masterpiece Gallery of the LEGO House. We’re glad to see it back together again after a rough return flight.

“How about a ride, mister?”

When it comes to fan-built Back to the Future models, there are a plethora of DeLorean time machines out there. Heck, there was even an official LEGO set! While I love the DeLorean as much as the next person, who can forget the 1985 Toyota SR5 pickup truck (also known as the Hilux outside of the U.S.)? This was the truck Marty McFly pined over with his girlfriend, became a reality when he returned home to a transformed 1985, and nearly ruined his life when Needles called him “chicken” for refusing to race. Fortunately, Nikolay Gamurar remembered Marty’s truck and built a fantastic rendition of the vehicle in Technic form. While the Toyota from the movie was a two-door model, Nikolay modified his truck to have four-door extended cab. Outside of this mod, the sculpting of the rest of the body feels faithful to the original truck. As a Technic build, it looks stunning in black.

LEGO Technic TOYOTA HILUX N40 by RM8 MOD Back To The Future

Nikolay’s truck is packed with a lot of detail, right down to the Chassis. This photograph also gives at glimpse at some of the Toyota’s key mechanical functions.

LEGO Technic TOYOTA HILUX N40 by RM8 MOD Back To The Future

It also features a nice and roomy interior, perfect for a comfortable drive to the lake.

LEGO Technic TOYOTA HILUX N40 by RM8 MOD Back To The Future

Bigfoot Monster truck with monster suspension

This little monster truck by Ianying616 is ready to crush cars! Perfectly detailed with some choice chrome parts, And a working suspension using classic technic shock absorbers. And considering how difficult it can be to photograph black models, the details are well captured as well.


One of the most impressive things about this build is how it captures the sense of car crushing power on a proportional scale.


The Mack Anthem semi truck roars to life with LEGO Technic set 42078 [Review – Part 1]

Once upon a time way back in the 1990s, in the far-away kingdom of Denmark, the LEGO Model Team theme was born — a theme so brilliant, none of the sets was ever called disappointing or failed. But one day the theme was violently discontinued with no hope that it would be brought back. For many years, both young and adult LEGO builders cherished their dreams about seeing those sets in toy stores again. And it looks like the much-needed flash of hope is finally here: LEGO Technic 42078 Mack Anthem seems to be an example of a nearly flawless toy and display model.

The set is the fifth biggest in the history of the LEGO Technic theme, counting 2,595 pieces. The Mack Anthem features no costly Power Functions or pneumatics elements, so its retail price of £139.99 / $179.99 / 149.99€ makes it the most reasonable choice for pure brick volume among LEGO Technic sets of the first half of 2018.

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What’s in the box, er, silo?

This Technic Silo Truck by Designer-Han shows that sometimes boxy is sooo good. The design elements of the model are pretty simple, with beam-built body panels and a SYSTEM brick-built “silo” as cargo. The roof of the cab shows some thoughtful details, including a rack of lights, top air dam, and CB antenna.

Click here to see the play functions and a video of the truck in action

Keep Calm and Truck On

Builder Ingmar Spijkhoven builds a mean-looking truck, complete with its trailer and a payload with chains to secure them all. Though it’s not modelled after any given brand or manufacturer but purely from the builder’s imagination, it stands out enough with a very classic “truck look” that reminds me of the infamous transformer Optimus Prime — especially with the colour scheme Ingmar used.

Truck T2 MkII v2.0 with Trailer Tr10b

The best part is that it’s actually motorised with Power Functions and remote control features. Details go beyond the surface with a detailed engine block, fully done up interior, and doors that function as expected. At about 3,250 elements and 3 months of toil, I’d say the outcome was worth it!

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Retro truck ready to roar into life

Loosely based on a 1950 custom Ford, Martin Redfern‘s latest LEGO vehicle is a retro delight. The shaping around the bonnet is sheer class, and the use of chromed parts adds visual pop, particularly around the distinctive grille. The details are great — twin high-rise exhausts, windscreen wipers, rear-view mirrors, and indicators all present and correct.

1950's Flat Bed

Best of all, Martin has included a beautifully-tuned engine beneath that curved bonnet. Lovely stuff.

1950's Flat Bed

Down and dirty swivel-frame truck

If you have played any GTA V then you may well recognise this delightful scene by Pixel Fox. It’s a Dodge Power Wagon W300 with Swivel-Frame. The base is a LEGO box filled with real dirt and rocks — an unusual touch which elevates the model out of the ordinary. My favorite little detail is the Collectible Minifigure Spy rope piece used on the telephone pole.

Dodge Power Wagon W300 Swivel-Frame

Delivering cargo with German precision

This stunning scale copy of Mercedes-Benz Actros 4163 by YU KEE LIU is a very smart mixture of System and Technic parts. It’s no secret, brick-built cockpits are much heavier than those built with light Technic panels. Despite the weight of the body, this truck is fully remotely controlled and even features a number of motorised mechanisms attached to the trailer.


Truck will make you (sand) green with envy

Designing a large-scale heavy truck in LEGO has never been an easy task, but hardcore builder Dirk Klijn challenged himself to build an FTF Roseboom from the late 1980s — and in relatively-rare sand green bricks no less. Normally you wouldn’t describe sand green as any kind of screaming color, but mixed with dark green and those bright red wheel rims it turns this truck into genuine eye candy.

FTF Roseboom

Thanks to the model’s long wheelbase and bulky body, Dirk managed to pack the truck with a full set of motors controlled via an Sbrick. This gives the model full remote control while preserving the cockpit’s interior…

FTF Roseboom

You say space truck, I say spehss truck, and a large one at that

Military vehicle master Andrew Somers has broken from his usual realistic style and built a neat futuristic space truck that wouldn’t look out of place among Last Days on Mars concept art by Christian Pearce. Along with the usual working suspension and steering, the build features working grabber crane, and lots of eye catching mechanical detailing. I love the use of the stickered space logo tile on the side of the cab as it provides a dash of color and a bit of realistic context to the build.

Large Spehss Truhk

Hauling fish & groceries in a Japanese dekotora

We first noticed Lasse Deleuran when we highlighted his MAN cement truck and Buy-N-Large semi truck. Lasse continues a strong building streak with a Japanese dekotora, or decorated truck. These spectacularly-customized trucks ply roadways and highways from Sapporo to Kagoshima, and Lasse has reproduced the bright chrome and lights of these unique vehicles with pearl-gold LEGO tiles and plenty of trans-clear 1×1 plates.

Gold Dekotora

The truck is excellent, but the school girls and truck driver are noteworthy as well, built at a unique scale that lends itself to good details and articulation despite the small size (smaller than Miniland-scale). The rear of the truck is no less decorated than the front, with a huge bank of brake lights.

Gold Dekotora Rear