Hardware, home, and holiday cheer

When you think of a small-town hardware store during Christmas, this has to be what you think of. At least, this is the exact image that comes to my mind. Excellent at architecture and storytelling, the Midwest Builders have struck again with a modular worthy of LEGO store shelves. The line of detailed buildings is in dire need of a hardware store, and this fits the bill perfectly. If we were looking at images of the newest release, it’d be at the top of my Christmas wish list.

Hardware Store at Christmas

The interior is fully detailed, with an apartment on top and, of course, tool displays on the bottom. An added bonus is a little coffee shop out back for the folks buying Christmas trees.

Hardware Store at Christmas

And what self-respecting country hardware store doesn’t have a trusty pickup truck? This little beauty is delivering presents in addition to lumber!

Christmas Deliveries

All-in-all, this whole scene has all the trimmings of a true modular. Just the right amount of detail, storyline, and playability. If you’d like, check out another awesome build by the Midwest Builders, a creepy cottage!

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