Teal Mog pickin’ logs

The Unimog — the multi-purpose utility truck produced by Mercedes Benz — has always been a favourite of mine. Something about the shaping of the cab and the big tractor wheels still fascinates me to this day. Since it is big and aggressive with a high ground clearance, it is something you would see in off-road races, churning up mud and climbing rocks. Yet in most cases, they are roadside repair and agricultural vehicles, sporting orange and green. Vehicle builder Jonathan Elliott reconfigured the Unimog into a logging truck — which is not so uncommon. Sporting a realistic yet simple crane hoisting some nice textured logs built up of column bricks and printed log tiles. The best part is — it’s teal!

Unimog U1700 With Hiab

4 comments on “Teal Mog pickin’ logs

  1. Ed

    Love the use of raptor claws as machinery claws.

    How does the exhaust pipe piece be exactly the right scale? But I would hate to be the driver who has to exit the cab by stepping right next to that hot exhaust.

    I wonder, how are the wheel hubs attached? It looks like they’re floating under the truck.

  2. Jimmy

    Hard to tell for sure, but looks like some sort of rounded 2×2 plate or similar (maybe a thin technic liftarm) is used to simulate the portal axles of a real Unimog.

  3. Chris Doyle

    The wheel connections looks like 35480 (Plate, Modified 1 x 2 Rounded with 2 Open Studs) to me, extended by 1×1 round plate to connect to the rims. But that’s a guess. :)

  4. Charles

    Wow! Really like the colour scheme and considering it’s about minifigure scale, that is rather realistic! Great job to the builder

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