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Unimog unifies form and function

You may or may not be familiar with the Unimog – Mercedes’s all-wheel-drive multi-purpose utility vehicle. Usually they can be found constructing European highways or operating farm equipment. LEGO Technic veteran Kyle Wigboldy built the Unimog U-400 with an orange cab cleverly constructed with a combination of Technic elements and traditional LEGO. It took me a closer look to realise that this isn’t an official set from ten years ago, but rather a smaller build. Now that I have taken a closer look, this is in the same scale as the upcoming LEGO Technic 4×4 Zetros, which is based on a similar Mercedes truck.

Unimog U400

This build is packed to the brim with functions, such as the Technic essentials: engines, steering, suspension, all-wheel drive. This Unimog model also offers pneumatics, and power take-offs linked to the drive, which allow attachment equipments to be powered from the truck, as demonstrated by the motorised LEGO set. While this build does not come with attachments, it does have a flatbed with variable three-way tilt. You can check it out in the video below:

Check out some other Unimogs that other people have built!

Teal Mog pickin’ logs

The Unimog — the multi-purpose utility truck produced by Mercedes Benz — has always been a favourite of mine. Something about the shaping of the cab and the big tractor wheels still fascinates me to this day. Since it is big and aggressive with a high ground clearance, it is something you would see in off-road races, churning up mud and climbing rocks. Yet in most cases, they are roadside repair and agricultural vehicles, sporting orange and green. Vehicle builder Jonathan Elliott reconfigured the Unimog into a logging truck — which is not so uncommon. Sporting a realistic yet simple crane hoisting some nice textured logs built up of column bricks and printed log tiles. The best part is — it’s teal!

Unimog U1700 With Hiab

Mercedes Unimog U1250.05 crane truck

Longtime readers of the blog will be aware that the Mercedes Unimog is one of my favorite vehicles. While rare here in the US, they’re ubiquitous across Europe. Polish builder Damian Z. doesn’t disappoint with his Unimog crane truck in high-visibility orange.


LEGO Technic 8110 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 400 [News]

The VW Camper Van isn’t the only German vehicle released in LEGO form this year. Long-time readers of the blog will recall that I’m obsessed with the Mercedes Unimog, and I’ve featured several — starting with Adam Grabowski’s Unimog back in 2006. Adam now works for LEGO as a designer. I don’t think Adam works on Technic sets, but it’s nice to see an official LEGO version of this awesome vehicle.


It’s been out for a few months, but I suspect it might be news for a couple of you out there. TechnicBricks has the full review.

Firefighting LEGO Unimog reveals the joys of complicated builds

Moritz Nolting (nolnet) beat me to it, but I don’t begrudge him this awesome Unimog.

LEGO fire Unimog

What makes Moritz’s Unimog extra-cool is the extra ground clearance he achieved by building the chassis studs-down.

Masahiro Yanagi’s Unimog

I posted previously about Brickshelf user MisterZumbi’s Mercedes Unimog. Now, Masahiro Yanagi has posted his own version:

MisterZumbi’s LEGO Unimog

One of my favorite vehicles is the Mercedes Unimog. I’ve seen two of them in real-life. One was in Nagano Prefecture, in Japan. That one was all tricked out for Arctic explorations or something (it was white and it had lots of compartments; I was ten; I made assumptions). The other one was on the Microsoft campus when I interviewed there back in 2001. It was dark green and orange (hand-painted, for some reason — very distinctive). I saw it again at the apartment complex we lived in a few months later.

Aaaaanyway, Brickshelf user MisterZumbi has made a really cool LEGO Unimog:

It looks a lot like the one I saw at Microsoft. Given how many configurations this vehicle is available in, how coincidental is that?

Note how he used the steering wheel as the Mercedes symbol. Very nice.