MisterZumbi’s LEGO Unimog

One of my favorite vehicles is the Mercedes Unimog. I’ve seen two of them in real-life. One was in Nagano Prefecture, in Japan. That one was all tricked out for Arctic explorations or something (it was white and it had lots of compartments; I was ten; I made assumptions). The other one was on the Microsoft campus when I interviewed there back in 2001. It was dark green and orange (hand-painted, for some reason — very distinctive). I saw it again at the apartment complex we lived in a few months later.

Aaaaanyway, Brickshelf user MisterZumbi has made a really cool LEGO Unimog:

It looks a lot like the one I saw at Microsoft. Given how many configurations this vehicle is available in, how coincidental is that?

Note how he used the steering wheel as the Mercedes symbol. Very nice.

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