Non-LEGO Blogs

It seems that everybody has a blog these days. Last summer, I set up a placeholder blog in case I felt like blogging about my dogs. I haven’t, but my wife does, so she’ll be taking over PB and Jo.

Three writer friends also have blogs — none of them about writing. AikiThoughts presents musings on Aikido; Foggy Terrain chronicles a life with fibromyalgia; and Postcards from China documents travels (and adventures) in China.

My friend and coworker Sky, who Photoshopped the header for this blog and PPB, just launched BAM!!! NINJAS!. If you’re a gamer, tech junkie, or you just like cool things (like ninjas!), head on over there and check it out.

I’ve added all of these blogs to a new “Everybody Has a Blog” section on the right, but I’d be remiss in my blogging duties if I didn’t highlight a couple other non-LEGO blogs while I’m at it. If you’re interested in language and linguistics, check out Language Log. For political commentary, head on over to The Blog From Another Dimension. If you have a soul, you’ll fall in love with Cute Overload! and Adorablog.

That is all. Now, back to our regularly scheduled LEGO programming.