For any load, any road the 1950 GMC has everything!

I like it when a LEGO creation has me searching retro ads for title inspiration. This retro red slice of pickup truck heaven is brought to you by Dallen Powell. All the shapes and curves of the 1950 GMC are represented nicely with this model. I particularly like the hood and the door handles. That gascan in light gray can only be found in one DUPLO set, the 18808 Little Plane.

1950 GMC

The open hood reveals the inline six in blue. The doors and tailgate open and this model seems to have steering capabilities as well. The 1950 GMC pickup is perfect for all your fruit, vegetable, and fishing needs. That last bit was not a line stolen from retro advertising but rather thought up on my own. Brilliant, right? I’ll be expecting mail from GMC soon. Whether it be a check or a cease and desist order at least I’ll be happy to know they’re thinking of me.

1950 GMC Open

2 comments on “For any load, any road the 1950 GMC has everything!

  1. Purple Dave

    Definitely don’t hold your breath waiting for a check. Hauling a bag of cotton balls carries too much risk of scuffing the paint job on a modern truck, which is why they’ve basically devolved into compact cars that drive, and park, like land-yachts.

  2. Dallen Powell

    Thanks for the feature! It’s been a long and at things frustrating project. It does in fact have steering and is actually remote controlled using powered up. The carrot crate is the powered up technic hub and it uses a virtual pivot steering system similar to the1989 batmobile.

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