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We give thanks for this galactic gobbler.

Silly turkeys were on the menu for a recent Fun Friday group build, and Tommy Frost took his contribution into orbit. This Neo-Classic Space themed turkey mech is suitable for navigating alien terrain or walking the Macy’s parade route on a cold November morning. Bonus points for the red space suit getting an upgraded helmet, thanks to the Collectible Minifigures Series 23.

Space Turkey

The perfect coworker when you’re on the job.

Devid VII brings his mastery of mechs to the job site with this impressive construction robot. This black and yellow fellow is exactly who you want by your side when dealing with heavy duty labor. He can lift a thousand times more than you can, he doesn’t need a lunch break, and he can pipe classic rock into your Bluetooth enabled headphones to keep your spirits up while on the clock. What could be better?

Tank and W.Tron

Fat Gus for the win

If there is one thing in this world that I love it has to be animal-controlled LEGO mechs, like this one by Midwest Builders. We are presented with a mech featuring a lot of Technic/Bionicle pieces that, for me, are always a tough job to identify. The beefy mech is controlled by the relatively new LEGO squirrels. I do not know why, but apparently they have a feud with the frogs. It appears they are capturing them and keeping them imprisoned in transparent cages that closely resemble acorns. Big Gus is surrounded by a lot of little squirrels on smaller mechs and vehicles which appear to be assisting him with his tasks. All I know is that these squirrels are fully equipped to pillage your birdfeeder.

Fat Gus

Great LEGO build may not win power, but it wins respect

Samurais and mechs mix so well. It has been proved by the LEGO designers, and now Moko confirms it one more time. His warrior in dark red armour is a sight to behold. For me, the lack of prints or patterns makes its clean, neat look really stand out. And all the chrome rings is where the design really shines.

機甲武人 玄斬

If you’ve been following Moko’s creations, you should know that possibility is a must for a great mech model. This samurai is no exception, striking its signature stance with the sword ready to hit. What a beauty!

機甲武人 玄斬

Oh no, not another quadrupedal fishing mech…

BetaNotus has fallen into a familiar trap. When you cover the work of the Adult Fans of LEGO community, there are just certain themes you’re going to see repeated over and over again. Custom Batmobiles, X-Wings, and Back to the Future DeLoreans are as plentiful as can be. And a familiar build that ranks right up with those is the classic quadrupedal mech for fishing expeditions. I can’t tell you how many… Hold on, I’m getting a message. I’m sorry, I’m being told we’ve never seen a build like this before. Word from TBB leadership is this build is delightfully creative and more mechs for unexpected tasks would be welcome. My bad.

Alces Adventurer

This robot looks as though it’s straight out of a mecha anime

Now that’s one eye-catching machine! Ryuhei Kawai has created this striking mech, primarily presented in yellow with hints of dark blue. The model has nice chunky proportions with a cockpit for a minifigure located at the head. The mech’s serious expression is formed of piercing purple irises combined with thick eyebrows. At the center of the torso, an old vehicle grill piece is used, with a wheel rim behind it representing a rotatory fan. For some extra speed, wheels are attached to the feet with superb mechanical details. It’s a wonderful build that is reminiscent of classic anime robot designs.

Today I Learned: Collaborative intelligence

If you don’t know what collaborative intelligence is, let me show you an illustrative example. You take two brilliant LEGO builders, say, ▷Cezium◁ and Ivan Martynov, you put them inside shared digital building space (aka collaborative mode in Stud.io) and let their shared mind run wild. But be cautious of some mind-blowing mechs and awesome use of LEGO Mindstorms elements.

Usually I don’t appreciate people changing LEGO parts colors to any non-existing shade; it just ruins the challenge of using what is available. But with jaw-dropping render quality I can forgive a lot: these builds look both mesmerising and a bit terrifying. I’m kind of happy they only exist in the digital world.

Why have a Jack-in-the-box when you could have a Mech-in-the-box?

From the talented mind of Moko, comes this incredible mech build. The robot has the ability to transform into an innocent looking cube presented in an eye-catching lime colour scheme. The head is created through use of a silver bow tie placed on top of a tooth piece which acts as an elongated chin. With a minfigure in the pilot seat, the mech is ready to arm its self with a rifle, equipped with an electrified bayonet at the end.

CUBE-ROBO 12[Powered suit01]

In the cube mode, you can see the front “M” tile which was used in a Jungle Racer set from 2003. On the side there is also a code tile, featured in the Exo- Force sets.

CUBE-ROBO 12[Powered suit01]

To see how the magic happens, check out this video of the transformation, featuring more awesome mech poses.

I’m sensing a theme here. Like...eight of them.

Mechs are a common focus for builders, but Djokson takes things a step further with CORE.seeker. Loaded with unusual parts from all over the LEGO universe, this one really satisfies. There are yellow box straps from Vidiyo, a black DOTS bracelet, a wheel from the Chima theme, a teal ball from the classic Technic 8269 Cyber Stinger set, and chest armor from a BigFig Tie Fighter pilot. Plus great sticker usage and some great macaroni fingers. There’s nice part usage…and then there’s CORE.seeker, my candidate for RNPU (Really nice part usage.)


Does this inspire you to create your own unusually-outfitted mech? Need more ideas? Check our archives for more fantastic builds.

A great day for Grendizer

Classic mecha fans rejoice! Marco De Bon has created this stunning version of the anime mech, Grendizer. The build has a clean and smooth look to it, with hardly any studs in sight. This has been achieved through the use of a variety of curved slope pieces which also assist in recreating the humanoid appearance of the mech. At the top of the head small pyramid pieces represent short spikes of the helmet. The model even includes hooked bladed weapons which can be attached together or used individually. With the ability to strike some awesome poses, there’s not much more you could ask for in a LEGO mech model.

Lego Grendizer (Goldrake, Goldorak)

These Gundam builds would make for great sets

Based on designs from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, Rokan Cheung has built the main Gundam mech head and a BrickHeadz version of its pilot, Amuro Rey. A variety of slope and angled pieces have been used to create the complex shapes of the head. Corner panels are stacked together to form the vent sections on the sides of the helmet. The BrickHeadz build has some great features, such as croissants representing curls in the fringe and tooth pieces portraying sharp-pointed boots. With official LEGO set releases such as Voltron and Optimus Prime in recent years, maybe there’s potential that something like Rokan’s models might appear in the future.

Gundam RX78-2 in Helmet Style!!

You’ll need some serious firepower to take out this mech

Now that’s one bulky machine! LEGO builder Moko has designed another awesome mech, complete with a detailed interior. The machine comes armed with a tactical rifle, ramming spike, and what appears to be missile pods on the shoulders. There is even the nice inclusion of a winch on the front, providing a way for the pilot to gain access to the cockpit. Shield plates, from the Nexo Knights theme, are placed on the sides of the torso, accentuating the angles at the chest section.

Another interesting feature of the mech is that it has a detailed inner frame which can be seen when the armor segments are removed. Although the frame is not visible all the time, seeing the internal workings of the machine really makes you appreciate the extra effort which Moko has put in to make this a believable robotic model.