5935 Island Hopper seaplane redux by Mike Psiaki

Mike Psiaki continues to churn out great additions to his Jurassic Park layout. His latest is actually inspired by 5935 Island Hopper, from the Adventurers “Dino Island” series. Here’s Mike’s current lineup of terrible lizards:

Mike Psiaki’s Savoia S-21

A new creation by Mike Psiaki (Brickshelf) is nice to see, but when that new creation is a Savoia S-21 seaplane inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s Porco Rosso, well, it’s that much more awesome. Previously on The Brothers Brick: Savoia S-21 Seaplace from Porco Rosso by Uspez Morbo

Republic Gunship by Mike Psiaki

Mike Psiaki (pronounced like “psyche”) updates his Republic Gunship with the new look of version 2. Besides the mastery craftsmanship, it’s interesting to note the balance between studded elements and tiled elements that results in the varied texture of the ship.

Mike Psiaki soars through the clouds

It’s been more than a year since we’ve blogged something by Mike Psiaki, but I think it’s been worth the wait. Here’s Mike’s World War II era X-wing: And his tiltrotor:

FBTB R-Wing: C-22 by Mike Psiaki

I can’t say I’m tired of all the sleek fighters in what is turning out to be a really fun contest, but Mike Psiaki’s entry is just plain different: With hardly any big sloped pieces in sight, Mike uses very few pieces found in current sets. Different is good. Add to Del.icio.us | Digg It Continue reading →

Mike Psiaki’s Adventurers Truck

There’s no question Mike Psiaki builds cool stuff. I just wasn’t expecting what I found when I clicked the thumbnail for this Adventurers-inspired truck: I won’t say anything more so as not to spoil the surprise. ;-) Technorati tags: LEGO Steampunk Truck Adventurers Brickshelf

Mike Psiaki’s Airship

I’m not sure whether this is an update or not, but Mike Psiaki has posted a most excellent airship: (Click the image for the full gallery.)

Mike Psiaki’s World War II Fighters

These aren’t brand new, but Mike Psiaki recently updated his P-38 Lightning, so that gives me an excuse to post these — two of my favorite World War II fighter planes in LEGO form. The Lockheed P-38 Lighting: The Vought F4U Corsair: (Click each image for the full gallery.) And just for fun, check out Continue reading →

All this needs is a chair

Let’s put the pedal to the metal with Calin’s latest creation

This frog is a (paper) cut above the rest

When it comes to mixed-media LEGO creations, we can all take a page from Takamichi Irie (@legomichiiiiii). This papercraft frog has some strong plastic-based bones.

If you care to step outside, there’s work to do

Life in space sounds fun, but you still have to punch the clock. Tino Poutiainen (@tino_poutiainen) shows us a slice of orbital life in “Starboard drydock”

The heart of the matter

Revan New (@therevan_new) has created a dark, but a surprisingly detailed scene, a glimpse of a future where robots offer us a chance for the ultimate upgrade.