When the city wall becomes the city

Enjoy a little bit of medieval city life with Mountain Hobbit’s lived-in city wall.

LEGO partners with NimbleBit to create the LEGO Tower mobile game [News]

Fans of the game Tiny Tower will soon have a chance to make their pixelated world out of LEGO.

Bringing LEGO to life with a handsome macaque

This large, male Rhesus macaque is the king of his domain. Built by expert LEGO sculptor, Felix Jaensch, it’s certainly worth a double-take!

All aboard the Victorian Railways from Melbourne to Sydney

Australian LEGO train builder Alexander takes us back to the 1920’s and 30’s with two wonderful steam locomotives.

LEGO Star Wars 75227 Darth Vader Bust revealed as Star Wars Celebration and Target REDcard exclusive [News]

This Star Wars Celebration LEGO Darth Vader Bust will be a one-day Target REDcard online exclusive for $39.99 USD next month.

Building good fortune on a rainy day

For whatever reason, getting caught in the rain can feel comforting at times. This beautiful Japanese scene by Architeclego definitely captures that beautiful quietude.

A LEGO brick that quite literally oozes with art

This thought-provoking piece of brick art comes from the mind of jarekwally. What is the meaning? It’s in the eye of the builder and the beholder.

This LEGO bubble wand is super slick with parts that stick

This 1:1 scale model built by Anthony SÉJOURNÉ proves that a great LEGO creation can be both simple and fun.

Saber Squadron leader swoops into battle

The leader of an elite group of TIE Interceptors, by sok117 soars.

Get a deeper look into the iconic minifig with this anatomical model

If you need to brush up on your LEGO education, check out Brixie63’s brick-built anatomical diagram of a minifig.

LEGO reveals Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 2 [News]

Eighteen new Disney LEGO minifigures are on their way, including characters from Frozen, Hercules, Aladdin, Nightmare Before Christmas, DuckTales and more.

This LEGO Lancia rally racer almost looks real

This slick 1:11-scale LEGO car by Bricksonwheels is one of the coolest racers we’ve seen!