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LEGO planes, trains, and automobiles! Well, maybe not trains, since they don’t like to play with the other LEGO themes, but here you’ll find all our favorite cars, buses, boats, ships, helicopters, and anything else with an engine (and some without).

Interview with Carl Greatrix, creator of the Caterham 7 LEGO Ideas set

Carl Greatrix‘s Caterham 7 was recently revealed as the next LEGO Ideas set. The announcement was met with almost universal approval, mixed with some surprise that such an obviously adult-oriented and complex model had made it through the review.

Caterham 7's

The Brothers Brick got in touch with Carl to get some of his thoughts following the announcement…

TBB: So, you’ve got to be delighted about the news. How does it feel to have an official LEGO set coming out?
Carl: I’m obviously super-excited. It means that everyone who wanted one, will now be able to get one. The realization is slowly but surely sinking in — the fact there will be an official LEGO set, available in practically every LEGO shop around the world, it’s quite a humbling thought and feels like a huge achievement.

Click through to read the rest of the interview

Stunning LEGO Porsche 962 Le Mans car

Large-scale LEGO car builders never cease to amaze with their dedication to realism. Greg_998 specializes in Porsche racecars, and his Le Mans Porsche 962 is breathtaking. Not simply a plastic shell, the well-sculpted bodywork hides a host of details below, such as a fully detailed engine compartment and a fittingly spartan interior.

PORSCHE 962C: cockpit PORSCHE 962C : engine

Not content with just the 1980s’ 962, Greg has built a several generations of Porsche racing.

Porsche generations: 1970 to 1988

LUGNuts contest winners: a lot of class and a touch of gas [News]

In early February we announced that LUGNuts, which is the online group for LEGO car lovers, was celebrating its 100th monthly challenge by organising a car building contest. Prizes were sponsored by TBB, among others. The cars to be built were randomly assigned to the contestants from a list compiled by LUGNuts admin Lino Martins. He has announced the winners to the group’s members and it is my pleasure to present them here to you.

In first place: Firas Abu-Jaber with the very classy Rolls Royce Springfield Silver Ghost Playboy Roadster.

Rolls Royce Springfield Silver Ghost Playboy Roadster

Thanks to a certain magazine, its name may not sound particularly classy nowadays, but it’s a beautiful car that is well built and very well presented. If you think you’ve seen it before, this may very well be because it was featured in a post by Elspeth little more than a week ago.

The entry that won the second prize is a bit gassy rather than classy: “El Laxante” by Andy Baumgart (D-Town Cracka). His assignment was to build a Chevrolet El Camino, which he brought to another level by putting it on tracks, among other things. It’s crazy, over the top and in real life would probably be smelly and very loud, but it’s fantastic.

'El Laxante' - '74 Chevy El Camino SS

Showing a degree of prescience, Elspeth’s earlier post also included the 3rd prize winner: Martien Nijdam (Pino) with his rendition of a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. It’s another classy classic car.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

These winners were decided by combining top five lists of each of the five group admins and moderators.
The contest got an impressive 77 eligible entries and there were a lot of great models to chose from.

Other entries that were on several of the judges’ lists, but that didn’t quite gain enough points to end up among the prize winners, were the Volksrods by _Tiler, the Chrysler Town and Country woody by Velocites and the studly Ford F100 by TechnicNick. On behalf of TBB and LUGNuts, I’d like to congratulate the winners and thank everybody who participated for making this the best LUGNuts challenge to date.

Futuron walker tank inbound

Christopher Bassett‘s walker tank/rover looks to suit the needs of Futuron explorers. I enjoy treaded quadrupeds, especially this one where the exposed mechanical bits in the treads complement the slick cabin and body. While I myself am not nostalgic for many space themes pre-Exploriens, as they were before my time, Christopher’s rover is a great build to carry the Futuron colors.

Futuron ATR

Christopher has many more fascinating sci-fi builds (including more walker tanks!) on his Flickr.


If you’re feeling the need for some chunky near-future military hardware, Carter Baldwin has you covered. A delicious blend of dangerous angles, muddy colors, and isolated studs for texture give this Armored Personnel Carrier a real sense of grunt. I can just imagine this thing’s engine noise.

NATO Centaur APC

The APC is roomy enough to carry a full squad of troops. These guys look serious…

NATO Centaur APC

Moon rover suffers from terrible emissions

Although Jon Blackford calls this creation an Eco Rover, its unusual fuel source raises doubts regarding its environmental credentials. Genetically modified cows? Kept in a hermetically sealed dome and encouraged to produce methane? Doesn’t sound very green to me!

However, regardless of ethical and environmental issues, it’s a lovely model. I can imagine herds of these pottering about an airless planet’s surface, pumping methane out to create a runaway greenhouse effect.

Eco Rover

Whilst the star of the show is the cow in the rear, the color scheme and greebly details rock. The rover’s cockpit is pretty cool too — check out that chair…

Eco Rover

This crane is here to lighten your Monday

Once you’ve flicked through Arjan Oude Kotte’s photo stream, be sure: You’ve seen the best of brick-built vessels. But every ship needs a harbor to tie up in, and where there’s a harbor, there are huge dock cranes. Arjan has just finished one, and this is not an ordinary crane. This one is a beautiful copy of a vintage iron giant from the 1900s. It is extremely realistic, including an amazing lighting system, which looks utterly charming.

vintage harbour crane

Dale’s RV from The Walking Dead in LEGO

The notion of zombies walking the earth strikes me as completely ridiculous and I never got into the whole ApocaLEGO theme either, but yet, somehow, I am completely hooked on The Walking Dead. I first saw an episode about two years ago and since have binge-watched the first four seasons and am camped in front of the TV for every new episode. I can’t really explain why. Perhaps it’s because some of the characters are so unsympathetic that the thought of a half-rotted zombie tearing their guts out is something to look forward to. Nobody seems safe, however, and whenever the more likeable characters are killed off, such as Dale Horvath in the 2nd season, I feel pretty much gutted myself (pun intended). A lot of fan-built LEGO models based on The Walking Dead are focussed on customized minifigures, but I wanted to have a vehicle from the show as part of my movie car collection. My choice: Dale’s Winnebago Chieftain RV.

Dale's RV from The Walking Dead

Click through to learn more about this LEGO Walking Dead RV

Return of the Mack

Alexey Chukin, a talented young Russian builder, proudly presents the final result of a two month project – a stunning scale copy of Mack B75.

Mack B75 1:17.5

Extremely precise and well-balanced, the model is fully remotely controlled with Power Functions elements. While some truck builders might prefer placing the battery box right behind the cabin, Alexey has left it inside, just where the passenger’s seat is. It might be not the most elegant solution, but the smooth exterior of the cabin looks pretty neat as a result.

Mack B75 1:17.5

I’m not normally a big fan of non-original chrome parts, but in this case a gentle amount of chrome gives the truck a dazzling appearance. The whole album contains many more close-up details including the awesome custom Mack logo stickers on the rear splash guards.

Find your destiny with this LEGO Arcadia-class jumpship

Fans of the video game Destiny will immediately recognise this creation by Paul Jeong.  For the uninitiated, Destiny is a first-person shooter that incorporates role-playing and multiplayer online styles.  Jumpships, such as the Arcadia-class model, are a means of transportation in the game and help you in your quest to save the last safe city of Earth from naughty aliens.

LEGO Arcadia Class JumpshipThe ship has some lovely shaping thanks to some clever Technic use and plenty of curved slopes. The design is very accurate to the game, as you can see from Paul’s comparison shot.

LEGO vs. PS4 ComparisonI love the colors; orange and blue are opposing colors and work so well in this model due to the varied LEGO palatte. There are more images of Paul’s ship in his Flickr album, and it’s worth taking the time to check out the close-up views.

TBB cover photo: March 2016

Our latest social media cover photo is this “Solar Rover” built for the recent FebRovery contest by Stuttgart-based builder Kevin Wollert. The dark tan background and use of transparent red elements gives this intricate little rover a Classic Space feel. Although the inclusion of tracks actually makes a lot more sense than all the wheeled vehicles that used to dominate LEGO’s own Space themes!

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