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LEGO planes, trains, and automobiles! Well, maybe not trains, since they don’t like to play with the other LEGO themes, but here you’ll find all our favorite cars, buses, boats, ships, helicopters, and anything else with an engine (and some without).

Huge LEGO steampunk wheel keeps the ship rollin’

In the steampunk realm, vehicles are powered by the Victorian power of choice: industrial steam. Well, with a futuristic spin, of course. This LEGO steampunk galleon by Chris Wright fits the genre perfectly — a huge steam-powered mega-wheel with a central ship that seems to defy gravity. The detailed central minifigure-scale ship remains stationary within the huge outer wheel thanks to a collection of wheels at the points where the two meet. The ship itself is full of great details but the first thing to catch my attention is the size of this thing and colour scheme thanks to those Medium Azure highlights throughout.

Steampunk Mega Wheel

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Lunar rat rod rover ready for science and racing

One of the most active builders in the current Febrovery building month, Billyburg presents us with another Classic Space inspired rover — and this one is also a hotrod! What appears to be a bare internal combustion engine (how that works on the moon, I do not know) is excellently made — just enough detail to be interesting, yet simple enough to look clean and streamlined. The best part might be the white stripes in the tyres, but equally don’t miss the syringe piece as the antenna on the radar arrays.

Willys Jeep Rat Rod Rover

Three little buggies for the price of one

We all like a good deal, and here we get two minifigure-scale buggies for one — both inspired by LEGO City Buggy 60145. This first black off-road, racing buggy is by talented Latvian builder, de-marco who has a veritable traffic-jam of awesome cars in his photostream. The builder’s decision to use different sized wheels is a definite winner, but the addition of the red suspension is my favourite part. This little black buggy is a stylish affair, even if the poor driver can’t quite get a hold of that steering wheel.


De-marco’s creation was a response to this initial buggy built by Сергей Антохин. Sergey also changed the construction of the roll bars and, like de-marco, altered the wheels to use bigger, wider rear tyres.


So three buggies; de-marco’s black racing buggy with red suspension, Sergey’s little red racer with improved handling, and the original LEGO model (below). Which do you prefer?

There’s no planet too hot for this rover

The FebROVERy competition is now in high gear, and all the cool and cute rovers have to squeeze together to make room for some (damn) hot vehicles. This vibrant black beauty by Stephan Niehoff can make any planet look good by just roving a quarter-mile on it’s surface.

Hot Rover

This rover is so smooth and stylish, it’s simply impossible to ignore its rear view. Why choose huge mission emblems or side numbers when a couple of yellow stripes is all you need?

Hot Rover

Little space rover packs a big punch

Sometimes big things come in small packages — especially highly explosive things. This adorable little space rover built by Pascal for FebRovery no doubt packs a serious wallop with its integrated missile launcher:

Micro Launch Vehicle

The smiling minifigure is absolutely fitting. As the builder suggests, who wouldn’t be happy driving a rocket equipped go-kart?

Saving the world in this totally awesome and totally blue APC

I can’t lie, I’m in love with this blue armored vehicle by Andrea Lattanzio. Based on the S.H.A.D.O. mobile from the 1970 British sci-fi series, UFO, this tracked creation has a ton of great details and features wrapped in a classicly pleasing color scheme.

UFO | S.H.A.D.O. mobile evo

The builder did a great job staying faithful to the original S.H.A.D.O. design while incorporating a few extra touches such as the bubble dome and radar array. Also, the canopy opens to expose a detailed little interior – very cool! With such an assortment of high tech computers and equipment (well, at least for the 70’s) this tracked command center looks more than ready to lead the fight against the alien invaders.

Sublime cafe racer

In the world of LEGO motorcycles, it can be difficult to create a model that stands out from the pack. André Pinto has managed to do it not only through a superb technical build, but also a striking colour scheme employing lime green as a dazzling highlight.


Make sure that you zoom in on this model to not miss any of the terrific details in the engine. A favourite part of mine here is the older black ladder elements André has used to give the distinctive slatted detail around the pistons.


Breaking your way through the polar ice of Canada

For Canada’s 150th birthday, Adam Dodge built a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker diorama, and it’s surprisingly satisfying to look at. There’s a nice contrast between the clean surfaces of the ice and sea and the intense, broken up ice and the very industrial-looking ship. The icebreaker just pops out with its bright, high-visibility colour scheme. The whole diorama has a sense of motion about it, with the thick ice stacked up in the front and the broken-up ice at the back, which is achieved by carefully arranged translucent window panes and cheese slopes.


February is the month of love – for space rovers!

It’s February and that means one thing – no, not romance and chocolate, but space exploration rovers! Yes, it’s FebROVERy again and we’re seeing a ton of sweet entries into this annual event where builders focus on creating strange and fun little space exploration vehicles. First up, check out this awesome insectoid-style rover by F@bz.

Scarabaeus NCS Rover (01)

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Leave some skid marks with this LEGO 1970 Dodge Challenger

There’s something about racing strips, cowl scoops and 440 cubic inches of pure, unadulterated horsepower that just screams my name. If that sounds like your kind of thing, then you’ll be equally in love with this 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T by Havoc:


One of the most iconic American muscle cars (and not to be confused with the largely plastic and uninspiring version reintroduced in 2008), the 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T was the choice for those wanting sheer performance – and the envy of pretty much everyone else. The Challenger R/T is no less impressive nor eye-catching replicated here in LEGO form. This model is just plain gorgeous. Check out the clever techniques and parts usage to capture the angles of this majestic muscle car. The opening hood exposes the beautifully detailed engine compartment.


This model brings out the inner kid in me and, as an adult, makes me want to check my savings account. This is the stuff of a male adolescent’s dreams. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia, but one thing’s for sure – no kid ever grew up with a poster of a Passat on his bedroom wall.

Expanding The Expanse with this UNN freighter

One of the most interesting aspects of LEGO is the opportunity builders have to recreate and expand the universes of their favorite books, movies and TV shows. It’s awesome watching builders bring these stories to life and creating whole new elements through the use of bricks. Shannon Sproule does just that with a series of spaceships inspired by the book/TV series, The Expanse, such as this United Nations Navy fast transport vessel:

UNN "Coelacanth"

The builder has chosen to design an entirely new ship to the UNN fleet, which, though numerous, is less technologically advanced than its counterparts. That is evident in the utilitarian design of the ship and its appropriately blocky shape. The cargo containers help round out the imagined role of this UNN workhorse. The builder is working on a series of The Expanse-inspired ships, so make sure to take a look at his Flickr for more.