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LEGO planes, trains, and automobiles! Well, maybe not trains, since they don’t like to play with the other LEGO themes, but here you’ll find all our favorite cars, buses, boats, ships, helicopters, and anything else with an engine (and some without).

Incredible LEGO Jurassic Park jeep looks right at home in the jungle

I must admit Jurassic Park was one of the most impressive films of my childhood. Of course, it was because of dinosaurs. But even before the dinosaurs appeared on the screen, I fell in love with the grey and red Wrangler jeeps that the characters used to travel around the park. And now Silva Vasil invites us to see a prehistoric reptile in this jar-dropping copy of the iconic off-road vehicle.

Jurassic Park Jeep

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These awesome Hot Wheels trucks are made of LEGO

Like many of us who played with Hot Wheels as kids, Brick Flag has fond memories of his first Hot Wheels vehicle, the Ramblin’ Wrecker. Being a skilled LEGO builder, he decided to model a few of his favorite diecast trucks in brick form. In order to get the precise shaping, he scaled them up considerably; his LEGO versions are about 9 inches long, or about 4 times larger than their metal counterparts, but they look deceptively small. Take a look at the details after the jump.

Hot WHeels Lego MOCs 1 of 11

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Catbus knows your destination

What is a Catbus? Well, it’s a cat that’s a bus of course! This particular Catbus has been crafted by CK Tsang and is an excellent depiction of Catbus at this scale. Catbus is a character from the classic anime movie My Neighbor Totoro by legendary Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. The wide grinning smile and bright ‘headlight’ eyes are perfectly captured in this build. Don’t worry about the lack of a door, as one of those windows will elongate should you want to climb aboard for a ride.


Five new 2017 LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets revealed [News]

Continuing our ongoing coverage of LEGO’s 2017 lineup, here’s your first look at five new Creator sets. These are probably only the smaller half of the 2017 Creator line, so keep your eyes out for more in the near future. In the meantime, take a look at this sweet dinosaur 3-in-1 set that builds a T-rex, triceratops, and pterodactyl, and check out the rest below.

31058 Mighty Dinosaurs, 174 pieces

LEGO Creator 3-in-1 2017

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And don’t miss that Amazon has some good deals on current Creator sets right now, such as 31050 Corner Deli for 25% off and 31052 Vacation Getaways for 20% off.

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What if the Tim Burton Batmobile had a Batpod?

If you ever wondered what the Tim Burton era Batmobile would look like if it had a Batpod, well wonder no more as Vince_Toulouse has made it real. Or, erm, LEGO. While no mention is ever made that this “Dark Bike” is related to Batman or his vehicles, the inspiration is clearly there. Also clearly there: extremely slick lines and superb shaping.

Dark Bike

If you doubted me regarding the relation to the Tim Batmobile, check out the rear three quarter view. It looks a lot like the wings on the back of that version of the Caped Crusader’s car.

Dark Bike

Delivering the goods

This food service delivery truck from Chris Maddison is a cracking LEGO creation. The stripped-back color scheme leaves room for the details to steal the show — particularly the lovely touch of a red rubber band as the brake line connection between truck and trailer. White is always a tricky color to use for the main body of a model, swallowing up detail and allowing people to miss all your efforts at capturing accurate shaping, not to mention it can be a pig to photograph. However, there’s no such problems here, this is a great model to look at — although I must admit I’d much rather vroom it around my desk than just look at it!

Semi Tractor Trailer

Where we’re going we still need roads

Even though many say that the future of the auto industry is self driving cars, I’d prefer the future as envisaged by gray mini — with smooth massive powerful cars.

Sci-fi SuperCar

Behind this unique design hides the car we all dreamt about as children. Huge wheels, low cockpit and the largest windscreen you can imagine — this was the recipe for the coolest car when I was a kid. And now here it is with such a pretty pilot. If I had built a car like this then I would have kept it assembled for a few weeks to show off to all my friends!

Sci-fi SuperCar

LEGO 1932 Ford Roadster

This ’32 Ford Roadster by Austrian builder Sanellukovic is a fun little build. I especially like the stripes and the use of the custom-cut rubber hose. But what really grabbed my attention was the backdrop. Even though it’s just a simple tiled road with a street lamp and some simple landscaping, it really makes the build pop. Much more so than if the builder had simply photographed the car against the dark background. I love it when a builder goes the extra mile and takes pics of their build “in situ”.

32 Ford Roadster

Take a look inside the workings of a T-65 X-Wing

The X-Wing has been the subject of several great LEGO builds and official sets over the years. Add to the line-up this minifigure-scaled version built by Inthert, which is not just highly detailed on the exterior paneling. Hiding underneath this paneling are various wires, hoses, and other detail bits throughout the fuselage, cockpit, and one engine and laser in a sectioned view.

T-65 X-wing: V2 (1)

T-65 X-wing: V2 (cross-section 1)

Fan built LEGO UCS Batpod in black and very dark grey

Built in black and very, very dark grey, Haeundaddy, whose Kaneda’s bike from Akira we featured a couple days ago, has created a version of the UCS Batpod that will definitely please the Dark Knight. The Batpod is Batman’s escape vehicle integrated into the Tumbler — highly manoeuvrable, but leaves Batman somewhat exposed without the Tumbler’s armour.


Haeundaddy has included the important weaponry with dual front-mounted cannons, machine guns and grappling hooks. The Batpod is all about manoeuvrability so check out that steering mechanism, apparently all under the control of Batman’s broad shoulders. That’s real power steering!


Mr T and his fab Model T Ford

Mr T is looking suitably pleased with himself in this great little scene by Calin. I’m not surprised that he has caught the eye of a fair lady who happens to be strolling nearby. His shiny Model T Ford is a lovely build with some fab parts usage.

Mr. T

I love the little details that Calin always brings to his builds, in this case, the rubber band across the windscreen is a lovely touch.  Also, in case you haven’t realised, the wheel base is the Fabuland car chasis.  What a great way to turn a comedy Fabuland car into a classy classic car.