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LEGO planes, trains, and automobiles! Well, maybe not trains, since they don’t like to play with the other LEGO themes, but here you’ll find all our favorite cars, buses, boats, ships, helicopters, and anything else with an engine (and some without).

Old dark gray never went out of style

The original shades of gray used in LEGO sets were phased out in the mid-2000s in favor of bluish grays, making the choice of elements in the original grays limited. However, this limitation can lead to creative uses of those parts, such as in this NATO “Devil” Main Battle Tank built by Carter Baldwin. The angled armor plating on the turret stands out as my favorite detail here, but the whole build has a great flow to it.

NATO "Devil" Main Battle Tank

Look ma! LEGO made us a transformer!

Builder Serge S really really gets his money’s worth out of the LEGO sets he buys — especially the 10242 Mini Cooper. Last year he shared his alternate builds of the set that produced an elegant sports car and a monster of a truck, all from the very same set. This year he’s back with the same pieces to share with us a slick-looking two-propeller monoplane that includes a base stand. If there’s one thing I can learn from Serge, it’s that creativity gives birth from constraints, and perhaps all of us should whip out our older sets and give alternate builds a go!

Aerobatic Champion

Aerobatic Champion

B is for Buy N Large, your very best friend

Everyone loves Buy N Large! Well, they think they do at least. Featured in many Pixar films and prominently in WALL•E, Lasse Deleuran has built this fantastic remote-controlled BNL LEGO semi-truck, complete with WALL•E and Eve. It’s not just the cab that moves – the hook-up to the trailer has an automatic coupling and decoupling mechanism!


You can watch the video below to see this great truck in action:

A gentleman and his hotrod

I find hotrods to be rather elegant, and this beautiful example from Rachmat Guntur is no exception. The engine is eye-catching, and I imagine quite loud. The grill is full of delicious chrome, as are those fantastic rims. I love the bright yellow rear body. Even the minifig looks ready to go with a smart scarf and appropriate head gear, because he can’t arrive to wherever he’s going with windblown hair!

A gentleman with a hotrod

Hornet Z-9 Hoverbike

Whatever planet this is on, the atmosphere doesn’t appear breathable to all humanoids. The creative choices Kingdomviewbricks has made to inject life into this marvelous display are ingenious. The beautiful lighting creates a Blade Runner-esque quality while giving the city a cleaner, more clinical feeling. Curved LEGO tubing adds a subtle natural, almost organic quality, all combining to create the intriguing futuristic atmosphere. Finally, the speeder’s simple design and elegant shape are excellent and the speeder’s blurred motion effect looks quite natural, blending in perfectly with the rest of the scene.

Nightline City

Retrofuturistic flying Oldsmobile Electro 5000 (...how’s that for a tongue twister?)

Straight from the not-so-distant past where we believed in a future of flying cars, Tim Henderson delivers us this delightful flying Oldsmobile. This classic car has been retrofitted to hover and modified with a variety of upgrades. My favourite part usage here is the worm gear in the front, used to simulate a Tesla coil.
Oldsmobile Electro 5000

While cars like this have shown up in science fiction since the 1950s and before, I feel it needs a tad more Howard Stark, Steve Rogers, and Bucky Barnes, as we see in the Stark Expo scene from Captain America: The First Avenger where Howard Stark shows off something very similar.

Steampunk racing contraption

Building for the first time in steampunk style, Robert Heim wanted to create something “wacky and flimsy looking”, but created something rather streamlined instead. This sleek steampunk racing machine features fantastic steam billowing out of the rear mounted boiler vents, and copious amounts of gold Bionicle parts used in interesting ways. The wheel guards are made from Visorak heads, and the front fenders are made from shoulder armor and a couple of ice picks. The nose of the vehicle looks great. I love the wing mirrors, but what sells it for me is the look of sheer delight on the drivers face.

Steam Racer

Lunar dune crawler reminisces the Classic Space era

As a huge fan of LEGO’s Classic Space theme, I’ve always felt that there is so much more to explore around this old-school theme. Until the day comes that the designers in Billund decide to renew this theme, we can continue to enjoy the vast imagination of builders like Brian Grissom. Cleverly crafting a great-looking lunar dune crawler that seats two Minifigures comfortably, this rover is surely a favourite of Classic Spaceman Benny, who’d be delighted to add this to his ever growing collection of vehicles.

Lunar Dune Crawler For Two - Febrovery

The big digger

Most of us remember Tonka trucks and diggers from when we were kids, but Beat Felber has done one better and created his very own heavy duty yellow construction toy out of LEGO. The Marathon LeTourneau L-1200 LeTro-Loader is built at a scale of 1:28.5 and has all the functions of the original, including all-wheel drive, articulated steering, pneumatic lift arm and bucket and more! The sheer size of this monster is amazing.

Marathon LeTourneau L-1200 LeTro-Loader

Beat has also created the Euclid R-170 Mining Truck at the same scale. The action shot of the siblings with lights on looks fantastic. They just may be the envy of every LEGO Tonka enthusiast.

Marathon LeTourneau L-1200 LeTro-Loader

A gull flies in the face of the iron curtain

Back when the iron curtain was firmly in position, a car manufacturer called GAZ was producing luxury cars from within the Soviet Union.  Anton Creator has built one of their car models in LEGO, the GAZ Chaika (Rus: Ча́йка), which means gull.  The boxy car is a throwback to a time when big meant luxurious and mpg efficiency did not feature highly when prioritising car choice. While the car is a great little built, it is the background that really brings this whole build to life. The red flag of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics hangs in place with a gold hammer crossed with a gold sickle, symbols of communism and socialism.

Lego GAZ 13 Chaika with the USSR flag

I must ask Anton where the fallen star has gone?

Glow-in-the-dark speeder lights up the way

It’s easy to default to the same adjectives whenever one of Tyler’s builds shows up — amazing, epic, awesome, stunning, awe-inspiring, breathtaking, etc. I’m at a typical loss for words with his latest, this sweet glow-in-the-dark speeder.


Tyler is one of those rare builders who can turn any pile of parts — like some black and a handful of actual glow-in-the-dark elements — into something really special. Flawless photography and editing doesn’t hurt either. Overall, this is a cool design, well-presented.

In space, no one can hear you refuelling

LEGO Space is a much-loved theme and builders continue to create new interpretations in what is commonly referred to as “Neo-Classic Space”. Rob Damiano has built a fantastic Rover Utility Vehicle — part of his wider Nova Team adventures. Apparently the R.U.V. is the “golf cart” of the Federation — just big enough for one occupant, with a tool box in the rear compartment.

R.U.V. - Rover Utility Vehicle

The rover and fuel tanker are both great little builds, but it’s the overall scene and photography which makes this really impressive. I love the lighting and the sense of distance created by the backdrop.

R.U.V. - Rover Utility Vehicle - Fuel Carrier