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A LEGO fire engine that’s rungs above the rest!

Every once in a while, you come across a LEGO creation on Flickr that just makes you stop and say “Wow!” That’s exactly what happened when I spied this exquisite ladder truck by Dan Nguyen. It’s an impossibly-realistic design, from bucket all the way back to to the rear step. I certainly appreciate the array of compartments, typical of a fire truck. And each is filled with the tools of the trade. Vehicles remain one of my (many) weaknesses when it comes to my own designs, so I’m in constant awe of those able to bring real-world transports like this to life.

Custom LEGO Aerial Platform Quint

LEGO Technic 42152 Firefighter Aircraft – A plane filled with features [Review]

Each time LEGO comes out with a new wave of any theme, there tends to be a sort of “flagship” model of the series. These are often large, top-dollar builds that makes every fan drool. But there are actually a lot of models that stand in the shadows as diamonds in the rough. LEGO Technic 42152 Firefighter Aircraft might just be one of those sets. The 1134-piece plane is currently available and retails for US $99.99 | CAN $129.99 | UK £94.99. Come along as we check out all the cool features.

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Vic Viper Firefighters

After a slightly long hiatus, I’m finally back with a build of my own. I’ve been working with The Brothers Brick since May, so some of you might be familiar with the name Chris Burden from my articles. But prior to joining the team, I was known mainly by my Instagram handle, @Benny_burd. It’s taken me a year to get to it but I finally have proper photos of my Vic Viper from last year. This fire-fighting craft is commonly seen in ports, responding to engine failures or collisions. These beefy platforms can provide support to the Coast Guard, Navy, and Orbital forces for rescue missions or forest fire suppression. Strong forks armed with water cannons extend out from a bulky body. Perched atop the main engine section, a break-away glider houses the main pilot of the vessel sandwiched between two more water cannons. The wings are adjustable for optimal atmospheric travel while fixed tailfins extend out above the engines.

Firefighting Vic Viper

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A tribute to the Courageous

My 22-year-old cousin, Cody, has wanted to be a firefighter his entire life. He’s never even entertained the idea of anything else. This summer he was gone for weeks at a time, working 14-17 hours a day, through the night, battling horrendous wildfires along the West Coast of the US. In addition to the fires, he and his companions faced rattlesnakes, hornets, dangerous terrain, and heat waves beyond those from the flames. They put their lives on the line. These custom minifigs created by Brick Police are a tribute to Wildland Firefighters everywhere. So this one’s for the heroes. It’s for the selfless men and women who do everything they can to save lives and homes. We thank you for your service.

Thank you to the Firefighters battling California fires