A tribute to the Courageous

My 22-year-old cousin, Cody, has wanted to be a firefighter his entire life. He’s never even entertained the idea of anything else. This summer he was gone for weeks at a time, working 14-17 hours a day, through the night, battling horrendous wildfires along the West Coast of the US. In addition to the fires, he and his companions faced rattlesnakes, hornets, dangerous terrain, and heat waves beyond those from the flames. They put their lives on the line. These custom minifigs created by Brick Police are a tribute to Wildland Firefighters everywhere. So this one’s for the heroes. It’s for the selfless men and women who do everything they can to save lives and homes. We thank you for your service.

Thank you to the Firefighters battling California fires

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  1. Daniel

    As an Australian I can say we feel your pain, we have a history of bad wildfires. In fact I know people who have gone to California to fight wildfires in the past on a voluntary basis, and vice versa with Americans. A nice cultural exchange we have under the worst of circumstances.

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