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A shadow on two wheels: Harley-Davidson Street Glide

It’s dark, it’s elegant and it’s a Harley, and I suspect builder Bricksonwheels has the same love for the Street Glide as I do. To quote TBB’s own Ralph Savelsberg: “If Batman had a Harley, this is what it would look like.”

Harley Davidson Street Glide in Lego 1:10

Built immaculately in perfect 1:10 scale, this model is an engineering delight, showcasing both the bike’s sleek lines and twin cam engine. As Bricksonwheels notes, whilst it’s fun to build chrome clad Harleys, there is something just as exciting to be found in this beautiful black bike: it’s like building a silhouette on wheels.

Harley Davidson Street Glide in Lego 1:10

Harley Davidson and Chrome

This stunning build just begs for the open road. bricksonwheels posted a Harley Davidson Cali Style Lowrider and the chrome on this can be seen from space, I swear.

Like any proper Harley, the engine, wheels, and necessary bits are all sparkly, shiny, and oh-so-very-pretty.

Harley Davidson Cali Style Lowrider

via BrickNerd

It’s a chopper baby.

“Whose chopper is this?”


“Who’s Zed?”

“Zed’s dead baby, Zed’s dead.”

Blue Angel 09

Mind you this Blue Angel – Soft Tail Chopper isn’t Zed’s, it is lego_jonsson’s…and he isn’t dead like Zed. But check out, the full photoset for all the goodies nonetheless.

“On the fringe, blood and bullets are the rule of law and if you’re a man with conviction violence is inevitable.”

Try to avoid any unnecessary blow-back, constant reader, as you feast your bleary eyes on this 1:10 scale Street-Glide Special as featured on the biker-gang T.V. series Sons of Anarchy. The builder is one-percenter bricksonwheels who brings his signature style and skill to one of the bikes favored by protagonist Jax Teller. Now grab your ape-hangars and hit the road, we’ve got trouble with the Mayans.

'Sons of Anarchy' Harley Davidson Street Glide

Bright and Shining – Harley Davidson 88

Dennis Glaasker (Bricksonwheels) is no stranger to this blog and his latest build surely doesn’t disappoint. The bright yellow and heaps of chrome make this bike a real load of eye-candy.

Harley Davidson ''88 Yellow''

The Red Baron rides again

This shiny new monster by Bricksonwheels is a thing of beauty.

Harley Davidson FLH 'Red Baron'

Based on the color scheme and insignia of the iconic plane belonging the orginal Red Baron, Manfred Von Richthofen, this bike really pops. The level of detail and the scale make this one of those models that doesn’t look like LEGO until you look closer. We expect beautiful models from this builder but this particular build is something special.

Harley Davidson FLH 1340 by Bricksonwheels

Bricksonwheels has taken a break from building massive big-rigs for a return to massively awesome motorcycles. Here’s his very shiny Hog.

Harley Davidson FLH1340 Custom In Lego (1:10)

See more on Flickr or MOCPages.

Everybody’s surfin’ now

This simple composition featuring some not-so-simple creations by Jack Marquez (Ewok in Disguise) captures the feel of a Beach Boys song: Corvette convertible, custom Harley-Davidson and a surfboard.

LEGO Jack Marquez Ewok in Disguise Beach Bombs

Check out all the pedals and valves on that Harley and the red rubber bands for racing stripes.

Vespas and Harleys of the future

The deadline for the LEGO Speeder Bikes contest just passed, and there are more than a hundred entries for the judges to peruse. A couple of my favorites from late in the contest are from mr. eugene. Eugene says that these are his first LEGO creations after emerging from a decade long LEGO hiatus. Welcome to the fold, Eugene!

Here’s his Vespa VRS 390:

LEGO Vespa speeder bike

Taking inspiration from the opposite end of the two-wheeled spectrum, here’s his Harley FXST-6000x Softail:

LEGO Harley speeder bike

Brixe’s classic bikes cry for the open LEGO road

We’ve blogged our share of LEGO motorcycles over the years, but it’s always a pleasure to find someone new who contributes his or her own unique style to these two-wheeled death machines.

Brixe (Brixe63 on Flickr) builds in a medium scale somewhere between the minifig and Miniland scales we’ve seen more commonly.

MV Agusta 750 S:

Moto Morini 3 (L) and BMW R60/6 (R):

Harley Davidson:

Check out lots more angles on these bad beauties on either Brickshelf or Flickr.

If God exists, he rides a chopper

There’s something viscerally true about noddy‘s suggestion that Jehovah — creator of the universe, destroyer of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Pillar of Fire that led the Israelites into Canaan — rides a Harley-Davidson motorcycle:

LEGO Jehovah minifig with motorbike