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Truckin’ Through Poland

TBB travels to Poland, where apparently there are no lousy builders, as we continue our coverage of New Guy Saturday. Adam Glowacki (Jakeof_), has a fine stable of models waiting for you on Flickr, including this excellent DAF XF. TBB’s own Wreck-it-Ralph is a big fan of this model, calling the big-rig “amazingly accurate for its scale” and would surely have blogged it if not for my weekend campaign of terror on this once serene almost pastoral blog of blogs.


Toyota Land Cruiser HJ-47

Please indulge me again, constant reader and take a look at another model that isn’t as current as our usual fare. In December of 2012 a nice fellow called Arctic Fox posted a fine looking Toyota Land cruiser that made the best use of the much maligned rubber band that I’ve seen in a long while. I only discovered the model recently myself and I noticed that 5 months ago TBB’s own Mad Physicist called it “excellent”. Good enough for Ralph, good enough for me.

Toyota Land Cruiser HJ-47

Desert Blitz Krieg

It’s a good weekend for lovers of military builds. Vibor Cavor (veeborg) brings us an excellent rendition of a WW-2 German Army Opel Blitz truck, in desert camouflage. The model is highly detailed and just about everything on it opens.

OpelBlitz-front views

In the industrial age, armies require vast amounts of stuff to keep going. You can’t have a Blitz Krieg if your supplies can’t keep up with the pace of the advances, which is why armies invest heavily in trucks. Interestingly, even during the war, Opel was owned by General Motors, whose GMC division built the famous ‘Deuce and a Half’; the US Army’s standard truck.

Delivering LEGO goodness since 2005

Justin Pratt (legotanks) makes excellent little delivery trucks as well as tanks. At BrickCon last year, I gave him a couple of engraved “The Brothers Brick” bricks on condition that he build us a delivery van. Justin recently finished it, and posted it online last night (after displaying it at Emerald City Comicon this weekend).

Brothers Brick Cabover 1

That’s “me” behind the wheel, but you may see someone I’m hauling along behind. Per his request, my co-founder Josh is along for the ride in a little red wagon.

Brothers Brick Cabover 2

Justin’s truck joins what’s turning out to be our delivery fleet, led by the truck Nathan Proudlove brought to BrickCon 2009 (where we successfully fought off a zombie horde).

Zombie Apocafest 2009 - Delivered by The Brothers Brick

Space Wheels x2 x4 x6 !!!!!!

I rarely blog LEGO models together, but these two wheeled beasts seem almost as though they were designed to be put on as a double act.

Sorting by date gives Shannon Sproule (Ocean) the top billing with his latest excellent addition to Battle for the Moon. And even by his own high standards this one is a winner. He presents the Soviet Lunar Katyusha for our edification.

Battle for the Moon: Soviet Lunar Katyusha, circa 1953

Following on is Mark Stafford (nabii), taking a very different theme and adding wheels to Space Police 3. It’s another example from Mark of what I call set+ building. Somewhere between set style and over-the-top finicky AFOL style. I’m a big fan of that sort of build, at least in part because I can’t pull it off at all well and here it is made to look effortless.


You call, we haul.

Dennis Bosman (Legotruck) says it took him six months to build this rugged Kenworth K100 (with Holmes 750) and even a caual inspection proves that it was time well spent. You can see all the fine details in Dennis’s Flickrstream or check out his website LEGO Trucks & Heavy Equipment, that features a wealth of design notes and details.

Kenworth K100 with Holmes 750