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Looking at these LEGO steampunk models, you can almost hear the hiss of steam, the clank of gears, and the whirr of clockwork. The steampunk aesthetic isn’t all wood and brass, so be sure to check out all the colorful models alongside classic steampunk creations from around the world.

Friday Night Fights – Steampunk Rifles

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada, USA for another round of Friday Night Fights! Tonight we duel in style with classy 1:1 scale steampunk rifles! Let’s go to the tale of the tape.

In the red corner, we have MonsterBrick with his Blunderbuss:
Lego Blunderbuss

In the blue corner we have Dwalin Forkbeard with his Rifle:

As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this bout by way of comment. On the last edition of Friday Night Fights, Drone Duel, It was a Tie 4-4. Tune in next week for another action packed edition of Friday Night Fights!

Steampunkikoma? Steampunk Prospector Bot

I’m not always a fan of steampunk creations, but I love this build by Ted Andes (Ted @ndes). There are a lot of nifty little details on this build, and they’re largely intentional. I especially like the big glass eye, and the glass old style gauges on the side. The builder’s description of the symbiotic relationship with the wind-up cowboy is also a nice touch, and the perfect bit of steampunk absurdity.


The Empire Builder

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Felix (Mountain_King), but he comes back with this fantastic Steam Punk Train which chugs along and connects his Empire:

Not only is this one of the most amazing trains I’ve seen, it’s also of course a fully functional train. Felix tells us that inside this beauty there are 4 power function XL motors, the battery pack, the IR receivers and a bunch of LEDs! Oh and don’t forget to check out that awesome smoke work with the 2×2 round plates.

Check out more detailed shots of his train on his photostream.

LEGO Nautilus Ready for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Alex Jones (Orion Pax) brings to brick form one of my favorite movie ships, Captain Nemo’s infamous Nautilus. Although the Disney version differs significantly from Jules Verne’s description, its distinctive styling is iconic and I’m glad Alex has chosen to follow this rendition.

Dr. Loveless’s mechanical spider from Wild Wild West built in Lego

The steampunk spider from Wild Wild West is arguably the most memorable part of an otherwise forgettable movie. Leave it to none other than Imagine Rigney to render it in Lego to add to his collection of gigantic Lego creatures. Check out more photos in the builder’s Flickr set.

Arliss Loveless's Tarantula Contraption

The Imperial Steam Ship – Harbird

And now for a SHIP of a different sort, a steam boat that never was by teen builder Stijn Oom (DutchLego) who makes his third appearance of 2013 on the Brothership. The hull has a very pleasing shape and the builder uses just the right amount of genre boilerplate with the brushed gold trim and wooden sections without things getting too out of hand. It’s great to see an engine that doesn’t seem woefully underpowered as so many Steampunk vehicles do. The string is a nice touch and so is the steam-pipe that curves around the side of the hull. My only gripe is with the stand, it sticks out in a bad way, but the rest of it is so well done that we’ll let it slide….this time…but you better watch yourself Stijn!


Dreadbeard, Lead Guitarist; Floating on Cloud 9

The entertaining piratical musician was built by Sweetsha. The dreads look appropriately unwashed, and I like how well the essence of the character is conveyed in a relatively simple build.

Metal Head

Sweetsha is apparently engaging in a seed-part contest, with the brown claw piece as the mystery part. His floating windmill island is also worth highlighting. The clouds as structural elements to stabilize the base and hold the flying machine aloft are a nice touch, and the round Hobbt-door is too cute. Be sure to check out his flickr-stream for more cool models utilizing the brown claw.

Celestial Windmill

“Mr Choo-choo train, take me away.”

It’s time to ride the rails with Ted Andes aboard the mighty land-yacht called Intrepid, an Art Deco style train built with the Steampunk genre in mind. I was drawn in by the brutality of the cow-catcher, but I stayed for the smoothed out lines and clever photography. According to the builder this model was constructed for an upcoming book by TBB regular V&A Steamworks.

Intrepid (Main)

I need to get in on this publishing frenzy, all the cool kids these days are either writing books about LEGO or being featured in them. I thought print was supposed to be dead? Good luck with the book, Guy and crew, if this photo is any indication of the overall quality I’m sure you’ll do quite well.