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Architecture in black and white

Experienced LEGO builder Ralph Langer is back with another stunningly elegant creation of mysterious architecture. Like Lavender Dream from last year, this build features an otherworldly white structure with a striking presentation. The huge black cobblestones make me wonder if this is located on some ancient lava flow, while I can’t decide if the building itself is more Narnia or Elder Scrolls, though Ralph’s description indicates that it’s some form of Victorian fantasy. Either way, we can all agree that it’s beautiful.

White victorian

Splish splash, I was building a bath

When you think of the Victorian era, you might think of the glamour of steam trains, big mustaches, and even bigger tophats. What you might not think of is something we take for granted nowadays – the humble bathroom, still something of a luxury back then. Even the most well-to-do might only bathe once a month. And what better place to do so than in Marcin Otreba‘s stylish LEGO bathroom? The goldwork makes it look fit for royalty! Just make sure they don’t spot that two of their crowns have been used for a vase and light fitting base. The tiling could perhaps use a touch-up as well. Despite its opulent glamour, it feels lived-in, as if many a minifigure has washed here. In a way, that makes the build all the more impressive!

Victorian style bathroom????

Moon Train Station is in a theme of its own

The latest LEGO build by Ilya Zubashev appears to be a theme of its own. We get a train station which would qualify this build as a train-themed build. But then again there is a model of the moon on top of the train station. The ground is rocky, grey, and filled with craters, just like the moon. So this is either a train station to the moon or a train station on the moon. Which would qualify this as a space build. When we take a closer look at one of the figures, we find a dwarf. The architecture of the station looks Victorian or older and quite castle-like, which would make this a castle-themed build. Could it be steampunk?

Moon Train Station

I don’t know, but I do know that I really like it. One of the things that stand out the most to me is the use of the raised snake as an architectural detail near the door. The combination of the viking wheel and the Big Ben clock dish. And last but not least, the design of the lamp posts using the fishbowl helmet.

Boulevard des Lumières

I’ve been a fan of LEGO ever since I was a little boy. My sister however dabbled a bit in LEGO, had some fun with Barbie, and started collecting Playmobil. Playmobil always had my interest because they had so many different animals in their collection. Because it lacked, in my opinion, the creative building element I navigated more towards LEGO. There were however Playmobil themes that always have had my interest. I recollect going over to my niece’s house to play with her Victorian mansion. It was huge! The exterior was beautiful and on the inside, there was lots of space for the furniture. And boy there was a lot of furniture to decorate the lovely family home. Since I had already committed to LEGO I could only hope they would eventually also produce something of this kind. Although some of the modular buildings match the aesthetic, none of them match the grandeur of the Playmobil mansion. This creation by lepralego however did manage to capture the grandeur of the Victorian Playmobil building. However, it is not Victorian but Haussmann style. I do not have enough of an architectural background to know the difference. To me, they look very much alike. The building is so tall the 15 to 17 bricks tall trees look like twigs. This amazing building is fully furnished and ready for you to take a closer look inside.

Boulevard des Lumières

Come see this Victorian city block, love

Welcome back to The Brothers Brick, Łukasz Libuszewski, and thank YOU for welcoming us back into your magical miniature world. This time Łukasz has plunged us straight back into the Victorian era with a modular-style street mashup that would fit right at home with LEGO’s own Creator Expert series…if it time traveled about 150 years.

Victorian Street

There are details here for even expert-level builders to appreciate. Look at how the repetitive use of common clips, rails, and minifig utensils add dimension around window and door frames; there are very few flat surfaces to be found. The most mind-blowing parts usage for me was the side by side white modified 1×2 tile w/ handles used in the middle building’s windows.

What also really impressed me when checking out this model is that Łukasz drew his envisioned city block back in May before bringing the model to the real world for us to enjoy.

corner building

Łukasz has been featured on TBB a handful of times, notably for his gorgeous cars and modular-style work. A particular favorite of mine was his city Bike Shop.

A bit of summer haunting

It’s already that time of year when stores begin their months-early preparations for Halloween, filling aisles with spooky themed decorations and sweet treats. But whatever your feelings on the imposition of this decidedly autumnal holiday intruding on the coattails of summer, you can certainly agree that it’s not too early for this haunted Victorian LEGO house by Anton Kushnir. Complete with knarled trees and an ominous carriage, the scene is just the thing to bring a bit of chill to the air. The mansion’s facade employs the less-used side of the masonry brick as wooden siding, and the medium nougat makes a lovely contrast with the light grey highlights and black roof.

Victorian Haunted Mansion. Lord Vampire and his bride just arrived for theirs home. Photo by Dwalin Forkbeard