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Architecture in black and white

Experienced LEGO builder Ralph Langer is back with another stunningly elegant creation of mysterious architecture. Like Lavender Dream from last year, this build features an otherworldly white structure with a striking presentation. The huge black cobblestones make me wonder if this is located on some ancient lava flow, while I can’t decide if the building itself is more Narnia or Elder Scrolls, though Ralph’s description indicates that it’s some form of Victorian fantasy. Either way, we can all agree that it’s beautiful.

White victorian

The world according to LEGO

LEGO recently revealed 21332 The Globe that will go on sale next month, but according to Ralf Langer, it’s not really accurate to what LEGO world should look like. Where are the straight edges, the clean lines, the blocks? This cubic version Ralph designed is much better for our brickish hearts. The depth in the water and the tiled continents look gorgeous together, and as cool as the official set looks, it’s kind of making me want to redo it in this style already.


The moment the sea becomes the sky

There is something primal about the feeling one gets when they look out at the ocean. It’s the great expanse of the unknown that inspires profound curiosity. While the sea fascinates us, it also humbles and reminds us just how small we are. This beautiful and terrifying build by Ralph Langer is a snapshot of that reminder.

New Wave

Built with lots of hinged parts, this tsunami swell perfectly captures the moment before disaster strikes. Just imagine how ominous it would look photographed against a dark backdrop! We cringe at the thought of being the people in that ship at the wave’s crest. But let’s not forget how awesome the little microscale lighthouse and village are! It’s a perfectly crafted landscape and a clever use of parts!