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The world according to LEGO

LEGO recently revealed 21332 The Globe that will go on sale next month, but according to Ralf Langer, it’s not really accurate to what LEGO world should look like. Where are the straight edges, the clean lines, the blocks? This cubic version Ralph designed is much better for our brickish hearts. The depth in the water and the tiled continents look gorgeous together, and as cool as the official set looks, it’s kind of making me want to redo it in this style already.


Contours, elevation, topography, all that good stuff.

Geography buffs rejoice! Based on the volcanic Mount Rainier in Washington state, Elemental Lego presents this very cool topographical design built out of LEGO. Each colored layer represents a step in elevation.

Rainbow Volcano

The builder rests this colorful creation on a base of black bricks and slopes. The interesting and multilayered topographical portion is composed of wing pieces, plates, and lots of tiles in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Personally this is the first time I have seen subject-matter like this rendered using LEGO bricks and pieces, and I think it really works. Who knew that LEGO could be a great medium for this kind of mapping?