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Contours, elevation, topography, all that good stuff.

Geography buffs rejoice! Based on the volcanic Mount Rainier in Washington state, Elemental Lego presents this very cool topographical design built out of LEGO. Each colored layer represents a step in elevation.

Rainbow Volcano

The builder rests this colorful creation on a base of black bricks and slopes. The interesting and multilayered topographical portion is composed of wing pieces, plates, and lots of tiles in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Personally this is the first time I have seen subject-matter like this rendered using LEGO bricks and pieces, and I think it really works. Who knew that LEGO could be a great medium for this kind of mapping?

Around the World in 26 LEGO scenes

It’s time to go on a journey around the World with Denmark-based builder Lasse Vestergård, who has built a huge scenic sculpture complete with handy globe to help keep you on the right track.  Around the central globe are two circular stages each showing scenes from different countries. There are 26 countries in total, including Denmark, Greenland, UK, Italy, Spain, Israel, Australia and lots more in between. Each country has a few minifigures that represent part of the history,  heritage and culture. There are lots of fun minifigures to spot, such as a mermaid in Denmark, footballer in Germany, Leprechaun in Ireland, Medusa in Greece, Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in Israel, Shakespeare in the UK, and so on.

LEGO Around the World

See more details of this geographic sculpture