Around the World in 26 LEGO scenes

It’s time to go on a journey around the World with Denmark-based builder Lasse Vestergård, who has built a huge scenic sculpture complete with handy globe to help keep you on the right track.  Around the central globe are two circular stages each showing scenes from different countries. There are 26 countries in total, including Denmark, Greenland, UK, Italy, Spain, Israel, Australia and lots more in between. Each country has a few minifigures that represent part of the history,  heritage and culture. There are lots of fun minifigures to spot, such as a mermaid in Denmark, footballer in Germany, Leprechaun in Ireland, Medusa in Greece, Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in Israel, Shakespeare in the UK, and so on.

LEGO Around the World

Each country also has some microscale architectural or geographical features to identify and name.  Italy has the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in Spain we can find the Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, while France’s Eiffel Tower is easy to spot amongst the baguettes and berets. How many famous landmarks do you know?

LEGO Around the World

Within the Denmark scene there is a windmill, the Round Tower (the oldest functioning observatory in Europe), Roskilde Cathedral, and LEGOLAND of course! Hamlet makes an appearance here as his home was Kronborg Castle near Copenhagen.

LEGO Around the World

Each of the 26 countries are worth a closer look, Lasse has an album on Flickr showing all the details to allow you to go on an insightful LEGO journey around the World.

6 comments on “Around the World in 26 LEGO scenes

  1. Dave Kaleta

    Technically and conceptually I think this is an outstanding build filled with creativity and ingenuity. I feel the build would be stronger without the minifigures many of whom are stereotypes and offensive. While I applaud TBB for showcasing works like this, I do feel it important to note that this content may be offensive to some.

  2. Elspeth De Montes Post author

    @Dave, hi, as author of the post, I agree in some respects that this would have been just as good (if not better) as a build without minifigures. I hadn’t fully considered that the content would be offensive to some as all of the minifigures or their parts are genuine LEGO with no customised figures or parts. I looked through all the builders Flickr pages of the images since blogging this and also on our own FB page and no one has made any negative comments so I hope that no one was overtly offended. There are stereotypes in each and as a Scot, my own home is characterised by an angry looking bagpiper in a kilt! It bring tourism to Scotland so Im fine with that :-)

  3. Dave Kaleta

    @elspeth when I looked at the comments on Flickr, I saw a German builder ask that the mushtached military figure be replaced with the current chancellor.

  4. Elspeth De Montes Post author

    @Dave. The builder has answered and will address that part of the build as you saw in his Flickr comments

  5. Dave Kaleta

    @Elspeth in the meantime, TBB continues to showcase a build that includes a figure who committed mass genocide.

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