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Steampunk “Victorian Henderson” Motorcycle

This lovely cycle is a steampunk mashup between one of the most beautiful art-deco bikes of all time, the Henderson 1930, and a little known scooter, the Honda Joker. Dwalin Forkbeard combines the best features of both bikes and creates a steampunk treasure. I love how the curves of the front give way to the chopper-esque handle bars that curve over the reclining seat. Those wheels are pretty cool too.

Victorian Hendersonv

The Copperhead concept is one crazy crotch rocket

The Copperhead concept motorcycle by Lino Martins (Lino M) looks as though it is getting ready to kill. Lino himself call it his first steampunk creation, but I’m not so sure I agree. Yes, he has used copper and rust-coloured elements in the build, but it looks too futuristic and at the same time too plausible to be steampunk in my book.

Copperhead Steampunk Bike

I’m reminded of something else entirely. I used to watch the American Chopper TV-show, before I got fed up with all the drama, but I admire the artistry in the way they shaped metal to follow the particular theme of their builds. To me the Copperhead looks like the end result of American Chopper paying tribute to H.R. Giger.

A Pixelated Bike for a Pixelated Life

I’m not always a fan of the super-pixelated look; I enjoy the challenge of taking the inherently blocky LEGO bricks and sculpting them into smooth forms. But sometimes, someone builds something blockily, and it works marvelously. Case in point is this gorgeous motorcycle by Silva Vasil, which he says is based on a life-sized pixelated bike.

Lego Black Rebel Bike

“On the fringe, blood and bullets are the rule of law and if you’re a man with conviction violence is inevitable.”

Try to avoid any unnecessary blow-back, constant reader, as you feast your bleary eyes on this 1:10 scale Street-Glide Special as featured on the biker-gang T.V. series Sons of Anarchy. The builder is one-percenter bricksonwheels who brings his signature style and skill to one of the bikes favored by protagonist Jax Teller. Now grab your ape-hangars and hit the road, we’ve got trouble with the Mayans.

'Sons of Anarchy' Harley Davidson Street Glide

The Kawasaki Vulcan is ready to cruise

Harley Davidson is still going strong, but in the sixties competition by Japanese motorcycle manufacturers almost drove them out of business. Japanese bikes, such as this Kawasaki Vulcan modeled by LegoMarat, don’t have the same ‘swag’ as hogs, but there’s something to be said for a bike that works every time you start it and that doesn’t make your teeth rattle when idling (or so I’ve been told). Irrespective of whether you like Japanese bikes or not, this one does make for a very nice model.

version with bags and windshield

When I first saw it, I wasn’t quite sure I was looking at LEGO. Part of that is due to the windscreen, which indeed isn’t LEGO, but it’s also because of the nice amount of chrome, clever combination of parts for the headlight and just the right level of detail.

“This all happened because you took my bike for a spin.”

Weekend regular F@bz brings you the next featured model on TBB with the speedy Honda Exile. This futuristic beast would look right at home on the streets of Neo-Tokyo circa 2019. The model also sports Chima Wheels which Brother Chris so eloquently and accurately referred to as “transfixing” a few days ago. Chima wheels are the new hot commodity; Brick Link vendors will no doubt adjust the price accordingly. Is nothing cheap anymore?!

HONDA exile (1)

Punch it, I think the clowns are onto us…

The Little Bike that Could

This miniature motorbike is representative of everything that makes this a great hobby. It was built spur-of-the-moment with random pieces, while hanging out with friends, and incorporates uses and connections that LEGO never intended. Jonas claims that it is just a bit of “tablescrap”, LEGO fan jargon for something thrown together from various pieces that are leftover after a “real” build, but I think it is quite a bit more than that. It takes a good builder to come up with something like this on a dare, with an odd assortment of bits. Tablescrap? I don’t think so. Just a little bit of awesome mixed with a healthy dose of good times.

little yellow motorcycle