Miniature motorbikes in multiples

Some LEGO builders make spaceships, and some construct castles. RGB900 makes motorcycles, and a lot of them. To be sure, there are a few other excellent builds among their oeuvre, but the bulk of it is motorcycles, and they’re darn good ones at about as close to minifigure scale as it’s possible to get. Let’s take a look at a few, ranging from the classic to the futuristic.

lego brick moc moto

When building at this scale, every piece is at a premium and must be carefully selected to fit the finished result, as there are very few hidden structural elements. Everything from minifigure hands to robot arms and binoculars is transformed into motorbike machinery.

lego brick moc moto

And let’s not overlook the beautiful presentation, without which I likely would have skipped right past these tiny bikes. The low angle enlarges their size, making them feel much larger than the 3-4 inches that they are.

lego brick moc 4 wheel motorcycle