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A beautiful brace of Beetles

What’s better than a cool LEGO VW Beetle? Two cool LEGO VW Beetles! That’s just what Flickr user RGB900 has served us up with. Although being largely the same in terms of construction, it’s a good example of how different colour combinations can convery different characters in builds. I get the feeling the white one is driven by your typical surfer dude or dudette – Beach Boys on the stereo, laidback driving style, not that fussed if they’re actually any good at surfing. The black one on the other hand is definitely driven by someone who wants to be the best surfer around. Probably playing heavy metal to drown out what is no doubt a very loud exhaust. And wishing they had a black surfboard to match their ride, no doubt. Lime green doesn’t strike me as a very cool colour, but then I wouldn’t know much about being cool…


Miniature motorbikes in multiples

Some LEGO builders make spaceships, and some construct castles. RGB900 makes motorcycles, and a lot of them. To be sure, there are a few other excellent builds among their oeuvre, but the bulk of it is motorcycles, and they’re darn good ones at about as close to minifigure scale as it’s possible to get. Let’s take a look at a few, ranging from the classic to the futuristic.

lego brick moc moto

When building at this scale, every piece is at a premium and must be carefully selected to fit the finished result, as there are very few hidden structural elements. Everything from minifigure hands to robot arms and binoculars is transformed into motorbike machinery.

lego brick moc moto

And let’s not overlook the beautiful presentation, without which I likely would have skipped right past these tiny bikes. The low angle enlarges their size, making them feel much larger than the 3-4 inches that they are.

lego brick moc 4 wheel motorcycle

This little yellow chopper sports some big charm

LEGO motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes, just like their real-life counterparts. Just one look at this chopper by RGB900 (whose handle sounds like a motorcycle model) and it is plain to see that they can pick the perfect parts to create the necessary details in a tiny size. From the long front forks to the 1×1 round tile used for the cap of the gas tank to the 2 clips that keep the bike perfectly balanced. And that brown tile for a seat looks more comfortable than it is.


Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?

Amazing LEGO creations aren’t about showing off how many pieces you have. They’re about creativity and using what you’ve got in just the right ways. This tiny motorcycle by RGB900 is roughly minifigure scale, but packs in way more detail than LEGO’s official bikes, since it’s made of a lot more pieces. Of course, this one can’t actually fit a minifigure on it, but I’ll give it a pass on that front. Using robot arms for the frame, this slick ride has handlebars made from revolvers and an exhaust made with binoculars. Even the tires are non-traditional, since the rubber has been turned inside out to make smooth road tires.

The reason for the design of this motorcycle is to design it with some retro elements and modern style, so I want to call it Black Panther

Motorcycles aren’t all RGB900 builds, though. Here’s the bike with a sweet-looking Corvette C1 that looks ready to cruise down your LEGO town’s main drag. And don’t miss the super-cool Countach we featured back in February.

Ratio of motorcycles to vehicles

The choice of the Me Generation

The ’70s were known for plunging necklines and one hell of a fuel crisis. At least one of those things was responsible for making the two best-selling cars in America the Ford Pinto and Plymouth Valiant. However, the Lamborghini Countach snubbed its rather pointed nose at all that and looked and performed like nothing else on Earth at the time. A builder by the name of RGB900 has given the favorite car of 80’s teenagers and strip club owners the LEGO treatment. At only six studs wide this is a truly impressive model. It just goes to show you don’t need a pinky ring and a lifetime membership at Spearmint Rhino to enjoy this ride. With LEGO and skill, you can build this pivotal sportscar on a box wine budget.

6 wide brick MOC Lamborghini Countach