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This little Star Wars astromech is bursting with personality

Everyone’s favorite little droid with a huge personality is back in brick form, built in LEGO by Ron McPhatty. Ron has managed to pack an impressive amount of detail into Chopper’s diminutive stature using solid building techniques. That yellow 1×1 tile on Chopper’s chest perfectly matches the original design, and the 2×2 triangular tiles match his patchwork metal plating. Ron also models a variety of Chopper’s exposed internal components with various LEGO pins, bars, and bushes.

MOD 75379 Chopper P4

Even better, Ron has built Chopper to be in-scale with the new LEGO R2D2 set and provided Chopper with some added accessories that model his middle wheel and head arms. I’d argue that hijinks are un-a-droid-able!

MOD 75379 Chopper P3

This little yellow chopper sports some big charm

LEGO motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes, just like their real-life counterparts. Just one look at this chopper by RGB900 (whose handle sounds like a motorcycle model) and it is plain to see that they can pick the perfect parts to create the necessary details in a tiny size. From the long front forks to the 1×1 round tile used for the cap of the gas tank to the 2 clips that keep the bike perfectly balanced. And that brown tile for a seat looks more comfortable than it is.