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The future is now for hubless LEGO wheels!

Nothing says “futuristic ride” like hubless wheels, does it? I’m a real sucker for them, and Dicky Laban has sucked me in with this neat motorcycle. Despite its futuristic rims and stance, it does have some retro charm with the minimalist design and the light and handlebar setup. It looks ready to ride off into the sunset…

The Impossible

… Well, it can! This is the product of much tinkering with motors, gears and lights. Not only does it drive, the lights are functional, and it can evenĀ steer! Colour me impressed. Where can I buy one?!

An iBird before you go

Are you here for massive castles, mechs and spaceships? Well hang on there, Sonny Jim, you’ll still get plenty of that. But sometimes you have to stop to appreciate the smaller things, like this iBird built by Dicky Laban. This tiny fellow is comprised of under 30 pieces and is a robotic bird inspired by the cassowary, which is a dinosaur-like bird that lives in the tropical forests of New Guinea, East Nusa Tenggara, the Maluku Islands, and Northeastern Australia. See, we have robots, dinosaurs and birds in one post; all three can be just as cool as castles, mechs, and spaceships any day. Aren’t you glad you stopped in? We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.