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Awesome Akira-inspired alternate LEGO build of 10298 Vespa 125

My childhood consisted heavily of trying to create the alternate set builds on the back of the LEGO box. But builder Gerald Cacas must’ve been watching the anime Akira when he created this excellent alt-build using the parts from 10298 Vespa 125. While not in the same color as Kaneda’s red bike, this is still a beautiful recreation in baby blue, heavily relying on all the curved slopes from the Vespa model. The way in which the bike wraps around both wheels is astounding given the part limitation! All that’s missing is a brick-built Shōtarō for this thing to start zipping around Neo-Tokyo.

Kaneda's Bike,  alternate build

From this angle, you can really get a sense of how detailed the console is, as well as the engine located just in front of the back wheel. Both are absolutely marvelous, feeling futuristic and modern despite lacking that specific parts palette. It’s amazing that this pop culture touchstone is so easy to communicate with hardly a printed or textured piece!

Kaneda's Bike,  alternate build

Transformation of the Ford Mustang to the Tesla Cybertruck

What I love about LEGO is the ability to build anything you can dream of. What sets apart talented builders such as Gerald Cacas to mortal set builders like me is the skills to just use pieces from a particular set, in this case, the official LEGO 10265 Ford Mustang set, and turn it into the Tesla Cybertruck!

Cybertruck: alternate build. for the Ford Mustang set ????????

And if that wasn’t enough, this alternate build has doors that open and a (modified) trunk that seems a bit more practical than the original. Elon Musk may want to consider a blue paint job as an offering as it doesn’t look too bad from the unpainted metal skin showcased at the unveiling. Is that enough to tempt you into giving it a go? Grab yours at LEGO Online stores if you don’t already own the Mustang.

Cybertruck: alternate build. for the Ford Mustang set ????????

LEGO Koenigsegg is ggggreat

The Koenigsegg Agera is a beast of a supercar — 0 to 100 kph (0 to 62 mph) in 2.8 seconds and a theoretical top speed of 439 km/h (273 mph). It also looks like a boss. Gerald Cacas manages to do supercar styling at super-small scale with this lovely 7-studs-wide model. The curves and angles of the bonnet are particularly well done, and I love the blue of the interior and the way it contrasts with the black and white of the external livery.

LEGO Sports Car

Best of all, the doors and bonnet open, and the boot can pop off to reveal the detailed engine. Nice use of textured pieces like minifigure tools to provide more detail than you might expect in such a tightly-scaled model…

LEGO Sports Car rear engine