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We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs. Have a look at them here.

Yamaha Tachikoma tank is music to my ears

French builder [email protected] doesn’t remain aloof from the current month-long Tachikoma theme and delivers an exceptional mech model to the party.

Yamaha Tachikoma (10)

Futuristic and a little bit weird, this Tachikoma tank’s got a lot of noteworthy building and design solutions. I’m speaking not only about mind-blowing use of motorcycle fairing pieces as leg armor (by the way, these parts appeared only in a couple of Junior sets in 2004-2006), but also about a Yamaha logo on the side of the tank. Not only does it look unusual and realistic, but also immediately gives the model an intriguing background story: Imagine a future where a global manufacturer of musical instruments and marine engines becomes a leading mech brand. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Yes, this mech really is LEGO

We’ve featured nobu_tary‘s creations many times before. You think we’d stop being suprised by great builds. But his latest creation is one of those models you need to stare at for a few seconds before realising it is actually made from LEGO bricks. The robot being at a relatively small scale only serves to make the model more impressive.


One tiny mech, lots of clever building

Saying Moko is a great mecha builder is like saying water is wet. We’ve featured this builder’s work countless times before and while this creation, called “Mechatro WeGo” is certainly on the small side, it’s ingenious once you start peeling the layers away.

Mechatro WeGo

While plain on the outside, the other interior shot on the builder’s blog show off the inner detail.

Futuron walker tank inbound

Christopher Bassett‘s walker tank/rover looks to suit the needs of Futuron explorers. I enjoy treaded quadrupeds, especially this one where the exposed mechanical bits in the treads complement the slick cabin and body. While I myself am not nostalgic for many space themes pre-Exploriens, as they were before my time, Christopher’s rover is a great build to carry the Futuron colors.

Futuron ATR

Christopher has many more fascinating sci-fi builds (including more walker tanks!) on his Flickr.

M251 Ridgway

Talented builder Brian Kescenovitz comes back with another mecha after a very long break since his last creation. Once again, he perfects the art of LEGO and builds a very slick creation making it look like a model. This strong mecha may function like the tank of the future but still preserves a high level of agility. Make sure you see it from the back.

M251 Ridgway

In space, no one can hear you smack your lips

Things are heating up in our Space Chefs Competition Kitchen with these two fun entries whetting our appetite for more culinary creations.

For a quick appetizer,  Lego 7‘s Hot Dog Chef will relish the opportunity to make the largest, tastiest hot dog in the galaxy. With spare dogs in the back and condiments at the ready, his speedy skills will let you ketchup and get on with your day!

Space Hot Dog Chef - Step3

For a second course,  Marco Marozzi serves up his slightly fishy looking Masterchef.  I love his head and eyes, while his belly suggests that he likes to taste his culinary creations first.  With four arms I’m sure he can fillet a fish faster than you can say it!

Friday Fish Fry with MasterChef Cooking Droid
If you haven’t entered yet, don’t get yourself in a pickle…there’s still time as the competition is open until midnight 29 Feb 16.  Head over to the Space Chefs group on Flickr and check out the categories, rules and prize details.

One svelte LEGO Gundam

While Gundam mechs (LEGO or otherwise) aren’t exactly known for their bulkyness, this creation by
Andrea Chiapella is exquisitely thin while still looking powerful. This particular build is based on the Gundam GN001 Exia which has some decidedly complex angles to pull off. I think you’ll agree that justice was more than done here.

Gundam GN001 Exia lego

I hope we get a view of the back, as the Exia has an equally complex look there.

Artificial Intelligence will make the world efficient and set you free

The short independent film Keloid depicts a very different world from the one we know. In the film, society has come to rely on an intricate network of artificial intelligence devices designed to bring efficacy and then control. Devid VII has recreated the Militech Weapons Platfom and accompanying drones from the film in LEGO.

Devid’s weapons platform is a fantastic combination of menacing robotic features, weaponry and the intimidating sense that ‘Big Brother’ is watching. I particularly love the use of Mixels joints at the ‘ankle’ as it looks cool, adds function and also accurately reflects the film.

Keloid - Miltech weapons platform

This second view uses depth of field nicely to focus on the impassive drones in front of the weapons platform. The use of minifigure parts mixed with brick heads is perfect to mimic the film’s drones who have big metallic blank faces and eyes that never really look at anything.

Keloid - Miltech weapons platform

With sci-fi,  artificial intelligence, a 1984-esque oppressive future and LEGO, Devid has served me a perfect cocktail …cheers!

LEGO District 9 Exosuit

I may be a bigger fan of District 9 when compared to most people. It’s partly because it’s set in my home country of South Africa, but mostly because it has one of the coolest mech scenes ever created.

The Exosuit / mech prawn / bio-suit is done great justice by Jonas and uses some clever tricks to get all the details in this relatively small build. My personal favourite is the heavy use of the minifig pirate hook hands for multiple elements.

District 9 Exosuit

Also check out another version of this mech by Brian Kescenovitz.

2-foot tall Striker Eureka from Pacific Rim built from 5,000 LEGO pieces

As often as we feature LEGO mecha here on The Brothers Brick (and make excuses for doing so), I’d really love to see more of the massive, kaiju-hunting Jaegers from Pacific Rim. A couple years ago, Jason Corlett built a monstrous LEGO Cherno Alpha at micro-fig scale (the tiny one-piece figures that come in LEGO games and sets like the Shield Helicarrier), and he’s just followed that up with the Australian Jaeger Striker Eureka.

Striker Eureka

Striker Eureka stands 2 feet 8 inches tall (81 cm) and 18 inches wide (46 cm), and is built from more than 5,000 LEGO pieces. Jason says he spent 86 hours on the build.

Click through for more of this massive LEGO Jaeger!

Victorian behemoth oozes steam and charm in equal measure

Okay, so we’re kind of Moko fanboys round here, but this fabulous steampunk mech was too good not to feature. Wonderful shaping, brilliantly clanky and functional-looking joints, and a nice combination of colors and metallic pieces.

Steampunk Mech

I love the implied heft in this model, and the vaguely-samurai feel the back flag and armor evokes. Splashes of gold from the LotR ring parts add nice highlights amongst the greens and browns, and the pilot’s headgear really stands out, drawing attention to the cockpit area. The quality building isn’t limited to the front – the model’s rear is beautifully detailed too…

Steampunk Mech

Moko has also put together an accompanying group of steampunk minifigs, which just exude Victorian-adventurer chic. Look at the use of the ballerina’s tutu as underskirts! Genius. I’m going to be stealing that idea…

Steampunk Minifigs