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We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs. Have a look at them here.

Horsemen of the post-apocalypse

Through the leaning pose of this futuristic rider, and the outstretched limbs of his steed, Hungarian builder and artist Kristof (legoalbert) manages to impart a beautiful sense of motion to this creation using relatively few bricks. It’s not hard to visualize the leaping gait of this long-legged robot as it efficiently navigates the obstacles of some other-worldly landscape.

But the poetic backstory to this figure really completes the piece and leaves me wanting to see more of the savage world in Kristof’s imagination:

“Dark cloaked shadow-men patrol the wilderness of the Afterworld, roaming around on their tall artificial mounts. Swiftly rushing trough the densest of the forests, zig-zagging on the streets of the dead cities, they’re only vulnerable to the Vultures of the Plain, out in the endless grassfields, where the Insectmen rule.”


Dane Erland (Mechanekton) has been ladling out delicious servings of mecha goodness in a distinctly stubby and bulky style. The most recent of these has a name best not repeated in either polite or impolite company, so I’ll let the picture do the talking.

And harking back to a simpler time (aka four months ago), Dane posted this duo of deadly tin cans brimming with character.

Friday Night Fight – Drone Duel

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada, USA for another round of Friday Night Fights! Tonight we head down to the battledome to watch battling drones! Let’s go to the tale of the tape.

In the white corner we have Ilya T.(_TrapleS_) with his Space Marine robots:

"MJR05-3" Space Marines

In the blue corner we have Chris (Ironsniper) with his Adaptive Combat Platform:
MDG Adaptive Combat Platform

As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this bout by way of comment. On the last edition of Friday Night Fights, Speeder Bikes edition, F@bz wins 10-2 ! Tune in next week for another action packed edition of Friday Night Fights!

Why build one when you can build seven?

I fell in love with Calin’s superb MaK SAFS as soon as he posted them, but while they are an uncannily accurate reproduction of the rounded source material they lacked that sense of excessive viciousness that I love so much.

So, having adopted the core of his model with some small changes, I incorporated spindly arms and digitigrade legs to get something much more sinister. Add in some boilerplate creepy backstory and a name from Native American mythology and voila, you’ve got a monstrous mech and six of his dearest friends.

Alpha Bandit Kickstarter

The team behind the incredibly successful Mobile Frame Zero is at it again, this time bringing microscale battles into the void of space.

The original game spawned an entire subcommunity around the competing factions of mecha and has brought a number of new builders into the AFOL community through the fusion of Lego, wargaming, and the timeless appeal of giant robots smashing into each other.

Check out the kickstarter here!