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We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs. Have a look at them here.

Half Technic, half System, all LEGO!

Behold the hulking mech robot warrior that is B-43 by Simmon Kim. With its ominous red light and enormous black rifle, this beast looks like it could take on a small army itself. Look closely at the detail and you will notice minifig arms for fingers, some very cool arm connections, and an additional pair of guns. I love the inventive use of stickers to complete this custom build. The B-43 is well armed, well protected and well… awesome!


A very, VERY mad punk mecha

When one hears the phrase “LEGO mecha“, the name of the legendary Japanese builder Moko is probably one of the first that springs to mind. While he was one of the builders to define the genre, he still continiues to progress it, as is the case with his latest mecha, MFS-11 MAD Garm. After over a decade of active building, Moko can still make mecha that look unique and memorable. There is a lot to love here, from poseability to its unique face and the awesome mohawk. The mecha’s posture and spikes both add to a complete, menacing look. This is definetely not something I want to meet in a dark alley, no matter how unlikey that would be.

MFS-11 MAD Garm

Crouching tiger, hidden cannon

Tigers have the reputation for being fearsome beasts at the best of times, but turn a tiger into a mecha tiger with some hidden weaponry and you have created a whole new level of danger. Christian Lintan has created a mecha tiger that almost looks like a statue with only white LEGO parts used. The crouching stance is spot on, a pose that can be recognised in domestic felines as well as their bigger cousins. Powerful legs, robust torso and a muscular neck are all nicely defined by a mix of curved slopes and wedges.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Cannon

And if those sharp claws and bared teeth are not enough to frighten off any would-be attacker, the deployment of this tiger’s cannon should do the trick.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Cannon

Come along and sing a song, and join the Mech Army

We’ve seen Disney-themed LEGO mecha before, but Julius von Brunk takes it to another level with this fearsome war machine piloted by everyone’s favourite corporate icon. Bristling with weapons, and stuffed full of attitude, Mickey’s newest ride is one intimidating hunk of junk.

Mecha Mouse

I love the black greebling in the arms and legs, and the red shorts and heavy yellow feet are obvious highlights. But it’s the twin sensor arrays above the cockpit that lend this mech its signature style. Don’t miss this view of the famous pilot, nestled into his cockpit, sinister grin and thousand yard stare in full effect…

Mecha Mouse

Initiate Megazord sequence! Amazing LEGO Power Rangers Megazord is actually made of separate Dinozords

The new Power Rangers movie opened in theaters yesterday, exciting ’90s kids everywhere as the first major motion picture in the franchise in 20 years.  LEGO hasn’t picked up the license for Power Rangers, but that hasn’t stopped eager fans from building their favorite characters, such as this boss Megazord by ckb ckd.


The coolest part, though, is that it actually transforms into the 5 Dinozords.


Check out all the Dinozords below.

We can rebuild him, we have the technology

Thank goodness Eero Okkonen had the incredible foresight to rebuild this lizard beast. After all, there aren’t that many Tyrannosaurus Rexes left in the wild! Using ABS plastic and discarded Bionicle technology, Eero was able to piece together all that remained of this once-great creature (including his Duplo grass spine and even the very tip of his tail) and transform him into a six million dollar dino.


Bunny-bot out to do some damage

While this almost bunny-mecha looking contraption looks pretty cute, take a moment and do give it some thought. Why would a bunny minifigure need a mechanical bot such as this? The only reason I can think of is to get some damage done! With those huge feet, I’m sure a stomp or two would take any other enemy minifigure out flat. Just a reminder from IamKritch that all things cute are not what they seem, perhaps… Bring out the weapons, I say!


Brick protector of the Earth Federation

Mecha builder Sam Cheng amazed us with his trio of Autobot Transformers, and he’s back again with another classic all-time favorite, the RX-78-2 Gundam. At an estimated 700 piece build weighing in at 0.66 pounds, Sam spent a period of 3 weeks with some amount of interruptions to build this detailed brick mecha including a good deal of time ensuring that he could capture a number of signature poses.

10. Gundam w Shield Front

See more of this LEGO Gundam

Who needs Gunpla when you have LEGO mechs this good?

Builder Marco De Bon is continuing the long line of LEGO builds which can easily be mistaken for Gunpla model kits. This “Leonidas” mech stands at a rather large 20 centimetres (8 inches) which helps hide some of the LEGO seams.

Lego "Leonidas" 01

This build only gets better when the weapons come out. It features a system of optional cannons for both the shoulders and forearms.

Lego "Leonidas" 03

Massive Thunderjaw from Horizon Zero Dawn in LEGO

Switching it up from the Titans of Titanfall, Marius Herrmann presents another massive gaming mech, the Thunderjaw from Horizon: Zero Dawn. His deceptively large model is quite accurate to his reference material – from the armor plating, to the back-mounted disc launchers, and even the arrays of eyes. Even the pose of his mechanical creature is as menacing as its in-game counterpart.

Thunderjaw (from "Horizon Zero Dawn")

See more photos of the Thunderjaw on the builder’s Flickr stream.

I think, therefore I tank

As the release of the live-action version looms, expect to see a bunch of LEGO creations inspired by Ghost In The Shell. However, all you would-be ThinkTank builders out there should beware, Pascal has cornered the market in cute-but-deadly styling for your favourite mecha design. The use of olive green and the tip-toe stance are nice, but it’s the neon burst of pink coupled with the stark backdrop which really makes this model stand out.

Military Technology