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Anime (アニメ in Japanese) is the style of animation or cartoons popularized in Japan, but appreciated worldwide today. Anime inspires lots of LEGO models from builders everywhere. Whether you love the artistry of Hayao Miyazaki or mecha from shows like Gundam and Evangelion, you’ll find many wonderful LEGO creations inspired by anime here on The Brothers Brick.

Fantastic Aircraft Models by Sydag

I was looking through flickr user’s Sydag’s new aircraft models earlier, and was shocked to discover that we’ve never featured any of his stunning airplanes here before. Sydag has been building some of the best small aircraft to be found, including this latest pair of Hawker Sea Furies, decked out for the Reno Air Races. Be sure to check out the other photos of them, as Sydag’s included lots of terrific details like folding wings and a de-cowled version.

Furies Unleashed

While I’d love to highlight all of his planes, this lovely version of Porco Rosso’s plane from Miyazaki’s film grabbed my attention in particular. It looks spot on, and the display is wonderful.

Savoia S.21


I am familiar with the mecha designs from Armored Trooper VOTOMS despite having never seen the anime. It is on my “to watch” list…but in the meantime I will just swoon over this brilliant LEGO model of the Scopedog by Brickshelf user tattun.

You simply have to check out the full photo gallery!!! There is a staggering amount of detail and additional equipment that tattun has integrated into this. Absolutely brilliant work!!!

Huge thanks to FateHeart for the link. I tend not to visit Brickshelf very often, so would have surely missed this had you not sent it to me!!

EDIT: There are just so many brilliant photos of the model, that I just had to add a few more :)

RX-78-2 Gundam

My friend Marin Stipkovic is finally building again. It’s always a treat to look at his creations and all the witty techniques he comes up with to build them. This Gundam was completed in just 2 days. Visit his MOCpages to see this mecha in all the different poses with selection of weapons. All the joints are movable, so he can even make some funny dance moves. (Gundam, not Marin – his movable joints doesn’t help a lot with dancing, only building)

RX-78-2 Gundam



Although I’ve been behind in my blogging lately, it seems like practically everything I add to my “to-blog” list is some form of think tank (tachikoma, fuchikoma, etc.). Crawling out from under my rock, I discover that there’s a contest going on, called Marchikoma. There are some pretty nice entries floating around, and here are some of my favorites.

Byakuren  白蓮

Cole Blaq’s Cloaked Tomeikoma Is Clearly Impressive

Every time I look at Cole Blaq’s photostream on flickr, I am blown away, with no exception this latest time. I’ve been seeing a lot of Tachikomas and their variants lately, including Cole’s own huge Think Tank, which we featured last month. But Cole Blaq wasn’t content to simply follow the norm with this model: this iteration appears fully cloaked, made entirely out of trans-clear pieces.


EDIT (AB): Cole posted this as part of the Marchikoma Think Tank challenge — I was just waiting for something this awesome to highlight the contest. ;-)

The Secret LEGO World of Arriety

It’s no secret that Iain Heath (Ochre Jelly) and I share a LEGO Ghibli passion, so I was pleased but not surprised that he celebrated the release of The Secret World of Arriety (written by Hayao Miyazaki, based on the classic children’s book The Borrowers) with a lovely Miniland Arriety.

Arrietty the Borrower

Check out Iain’s write-up about the build (with a bonus micro-review of the movie) over on The Living Brick.