All stings considered (A second look at the Hornet Queen)

It seems like just yesterday that we featured the Hornet Queen by Moko Turns out she is more than just an imposing figure with amazing hair…the Queen’s armor and weapons detach and combine to an equally cool looking hornet! Those great Bionicle wings are a key feature, but my favorite touch has to be the transparent green minifigure helmet accessory used for the eyes. Super creepy looking! You can check out how things combine after the jump, too.

Hornet Queen

The Queen without her armor shows off great articulation and a more slender overall shape. Note the use of Clikit rings in her forearms, too!

Hornet Queen

And here’s the Queen and warrior combined, again. This truly was a creation that deserved a second look.

Hornet Queen

If you like these larger scale character builds, be sure to check out our archives for more stellar creations!

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