This LEGO warship is the pride of the seas

What’s the worst thing a pirate can see on the horizon? LEGO builder Elephant-Knight displays his answer, the mighty HMS Redoubtable. Flying the colors of the LEGO version of the Royal Navy, the HMS Redoubtable is a 112-gun warship capable of eliminating any pirate vessel on the seven seas. This model has beautiful sails and incredible hull curvature. I love the use of both blue and yellow to draw your eyes to the guns better. I think the part of the ship that took the longest to build must have been all of the rope riggings on the sails. I honestly don’t have the patience to do all of that.

HMS Redoubtable

The captain barks orders while his subordinates scurry to and fro.

HMS Redoubtable

While others keep a lookout for pirate ships up in the crow’s nest.

HMS Redoubtable

And gunners man the rear cannons.

HMS Redoubtable

3 comments on “This LEGO warship is the pride of the seas

  1. Joris

    I saw what remains of the Wasa in Stockholm earlier this year… Pretty safe to say this ship will soon follow the same fate, with those gunports so close to the waterline :)

  2. Robert

    The Wasa is an outstanding experience! It’s real issue, though, is that it was so top-heavy with its rows of cannons and heavy ornamentation. Great museum and restoration work – I’d love to see a Lego model of it!

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