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Kaptain Kazoodle and the Travelling Circus of Doom!

Nathan Proudlove says his latest steampunk creation was inspired by Dark Cloud 2, a Christina Aguilera song, and the steam spider by Crabfu Steamworks.

LEGO steampunk walker

In contrast to a lot of steampunk creations of the past, Nathan includes big splotches of color. The big flywheel gives it the classic steampunk touch, but the turquoise boiler and accents take this beyond the world of brown and gray.

Kris Kelvin rebuilds 6276 Eldorado Fortress for the modern age

6276 Eldorado Fortress is one of those classic LEGO Pirates sets that we’ve grown to love over the years. Released 20 years ago, the set arrived in the phase when my parents thought I should give Technic a try instead of all those sets marked “Ages 7-12”.

Kris Kelvin applies modern techniques and uses current LEGO elements to refresh this classic set.

LEGO Pirates 6276 Eldorado Fortress redux

Kris’s version even includes a complete basement. See more photos on Flickr, and all the photos on Brickshelf.

Via Klocki.

Hispabrick Magazine 006 now available for download [News]

The latest issue of Hispabrick Magazine is now available in English.

Hispabrick Magazine 006

This issue includes interviews with Pete Reid and the admins of the Brick-Busters anti-plagiarism group, as well as features on how to clean LEGO, learning about LDraw, and more.

Click the pic for links to download both the English and Spanish versions of Hispabrick Magazine 006.