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HMHS Britannic and RMS Olympic

On November 21, 1916, HMHS Britannic struck a German mine and sank, following the fate of her sister ship Titanic. Rob H. (rh1985moc) has honored the memory of this ill-fated World War I hospital ship with a microscale rendition in LEGO.

Microscale LEGO HMHS Britannic

Of course, Britannic and Titanic weren’t the only ships commissioned by the White Star Line at the time. RMS Olympic served a long career, and accompanies Rob’s Britannic on the LEGO seas.

Microscale LEGO RMS Olympic

What makes both of these LEGO ships even cooler is that they’re threaded with LEDs to light up the night.

Microscale LEGO RMS Olympic with LEDs

Kaptain Kazoodle and the Travelling Circus of Doom!

Nathan Proudlove says his latest steampunk creation was inspired by Dark Cloud 2, a Christina Aguilera song, and the steam spider by Crabfu Steamworks.

LEGO steampunk walker

In contrast to a lot of steampunk creations of the past, Nathan includes big splotches of color. The big flywheel gives it the classic steampunk touch, but the turquoise boiler and accents take this beyond the world of brown and gray.