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Hispabrick Magazine March 2020, Issue 34 now available for free download [News]

Hispabrick is a LEGO magazine that’s published both in English and Spanish and available for free in digital format and also in print (at cost) for the past 12 years. The first issue for 2020 is now available after a short delay as Lluís Gibert from the editorial board had a new addition to his family! Congrats and we welcome a BFOD (Baby Fan Of Duplo) to the community. 

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HispaBrick Magazine issue 032 now available for free download [News]

In case you didn’t know, today is International Women’s Day! As tribute and in celebration of all the wonderful women in the LEGO community, HispaBrick’s latest issue showcases articles and interviews featuring incredible female builders and designers from all over the world.

Guys and gals alike will appreciate this issue. I’ve had a chance to read it myself, and as a female builder, it makes me proud of how much we bring to the table in a community somewhat dominated by the guys. But genders aside, the current issue is something everyone can learn and benefit from. Particularly intriguing is the interview with a few of the designers who are responsible for your favorite Collectible Minifigures. Best of all, the magazine is completely free to download.

Here’s Hispabrick’s press release:

Today is International Women’s Day, and the HispaBrick Magazine team has worked hard to create aspecial themed issue to participate in this celebration. HispaBrick Magazine 032 celebrates the Female Fan of LEGO (FFOL) in many different ways. The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is #BalanceForBetter. To promote this theme we have invited Regina Mateos Rodilla to write an editorial as well as an article about what being a fan of LEGO means to her. We have also included interviews with female builders like Sachiko Akinaga, Mariann Asunama, Alice Finch and Jessica Farrell. Karine Linder from Stuck in Plastic has provided us with some insights from photographers like @by_a.n.n.a and @lady_brick. We interviewed Tara Wike and Austin Carlson who work for LEGO on the collectible minifigures series, and Asha Seshan and Anika Brandsma talk about their passion for LEGO Robotics. Patricia Tsoiasue talks about 2×4 Day, and Evelyn gives us an insider look into how some kids live their LEGO passion. This and much more makes for another issue full of different and engaging LEGO-related content. To underscore this celebration, we have decided to make this a free issue (like all the previous issues), so come over and download it from our website at no cost whatsoever. Spread the word: it’s free!!

HispaBrick Magazine issue 031 available for free download [News]

Earlier this month, HispaBrick Magazine, a free magazine for fans of all things LEGO, released their 31st issue. If you haven’t visited recently, now is a good time as the team has refreshed their website. The new site now also includes an index so you can easily find every article that has ever been published in the magazine.

In this issue, you can see how LEGO fans enjoy events in different countries like Japan, (Japan BrickFest), Chile (Brickfest Chile), and Denmark (LEGO® World Copenhagen). The issue also features interviews with LEGO designer Jamie Berard and with the winner of the LEGO Ideas Trophy Design Contest. For those of you who like to have hands-on help, don’t miss their EV3 and Boost tutorials too!

You can download HispaBrick Magazine 031 from the Downloads page, along with past issues.

HispaBricks 10th Anniversary Set [Review]

As we mentioned in our recent interview with the HispaBrick staff, our friends over at HispaBrick are celebrating their 10-year anniversary. One of the ways this free digital magazine for LEGO fans are celebrating is with the release of a limited edition custom set. Although HispaBrick is online only, the set itself channels a more historical form of magazine and newspaper distribution — the kiosk.

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Celebrating 10 years of HispaBrick Magazine [Feature]

HispaBrick is a free digital magazine for LEGO fans that is published in both Spanish and English.  There are three full editions of HispaBrick released each year, packed with technical articles, interviews, and features on almost every aspect of LEGO. The very first edition of HispaBrick was released back in 2008, making 2018 the 10th anniversary of the magazine, and there are a few surprises planned to mark the occasion.

Within the 10th anniversary edition, there’s an interview with Carlos Méndez, the LEGO fan who proposed the idea of HispaBrick Magazine ten years ago. You will also find a timeline spanning magazine’s ten years, along with interviews with the current staff members. Other features include Andrea Valcanover showing how to build a beautiful tree, Pau Padrós explaining the secrets behind Modular buildings, an interview with the LEGO Technic team and a report of the latest LEGO event in Bilbao.

Click here to see more from the 10th Anniversary Issue and an Exclusive Interview

New issue of HispaBrick Magazine available for free download [News]

It’s time for a new edition of HispaBrick Magazine®, a free magazine for fan of all things LEGO. In this edition you can read articles on LEGO® Architecture, MINDSTORMS, a tutorial on taking photographs of your LEGO creations, hints for programming LEGO® Boost and much more.

You can download HispaBrick Magazine® free of charge in English, Spanish and Croatian, so get your copy now. HispaBrick Magazine 029 (English)

If you have missed out on reading previous issues of HispaBrick, all the past issues are available to download.

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HispaBrick Magazine 028 is out now [NEWS]

Lluís Gibert, Jetro de Château, and the rest of the team at HispaBrick Magazine have just released the English edition of Issue 028 as a free download.

This issue includes a report from the LEGO Fan Media Days in Billund, plus interviews with LEGO theme teams, and Robert “RobenAnne” Bontenbal — the fan designer of LEGO Ideas 21310 Old Fishing Store.

There is also a reconstruction of the conversation the team had with LEGO’s then-CEO, Bali Padda, by Richard Jones from The Rambling Brick, and Stuck in Plastic talk about their toy photographers’ collective. The rest of this issue is packed full of articles about education with Six Bricks, set reviews, robotics, MOCs, and all you need to know about LEGO Boost.

Hispabrick 028 is available as a free download in English, Spanish and Croation, thanks to a collaboration with Kockice.

HispaBrick Issue 22 now available [News]

The latest edition of the free online Lego fan magazine, HispaBrick, is now available. In this issue you will find some extraordinary medieval constructions by Cesar Soares, the creative process of the science fiction genius Pierre E. Fieschi or how to create Japanese dolls by Mike Dung, and you will learn a little more about Paul Vermeesch, another one of the Great Creators of the world. Check out all this and more on the HispaBrick website.

HispaBrick Issue 21 now available [News]

The latest issue of the HispaBrick Lego fan magazine includes coverage of BrickCon 2014, review of the upcoming UCS Slave I, interviews, instructions and much more. Take a look at the table of contents or download the magazine for free.

HispaBrick Magazine 020 now available [News]

The latest issue of HispaBrick Magazine is available for free download. This issue includes features on Bionicle builders, reviews including the Exo-Suit and The Art of LEGO Design book, the Lego fan scene in Japan, and much more.

HispaBrick Magazine issue 19 out

The latest issue of HispaBrick features an amazing technic snowspeeder, interviews with builders like Nathan Sawaya, photoediting tips, a feature article on the minifig, and much more. As always, you can Download the magazine for free. Check out the table of contents to see more of what’s in this issue.

HispaBrick Magazine issue 18 out

Download the free magazine that features Lego news, reviews, and interviews. Check out the table of contents to see what’s in this issue.