HispaBricks 10th Anniversary Set [Review]

As we mentioned in our recent interview with the HispaBrick staff, our friends over at HispaBrick are celebrating their 10-year anniversary. One of the ways this free digital magazine for LEGO fans are celebrating is with the release of a limited edition custom set. Although HispaBrick is online only, the set itself channels a more historical form of magazine and newspaper distribution — the kiosk.

The box and parts

Lluis from the HispaBricks team has designed an impressive custom printed box with a front flap opening system, just like an official LEGO Architecture set.

Inside is a bag of parts, a 16×16 plate a sticker sheet and a little note stating that the parts were hand packed, in case of errors. In my case, the set was packed perfectly and I had no missing parts. I had no extras either, so someone was very accurate with the packing!

Knolling is the action of organising objects in parallel or at right angles, and I have recently become aware of the beauty of knolling LEGO sets after I spotted a few images online of LEGO sets with their parts all spread out and arranged neatly–or knolled. So I thought this set would be a great opportunity to have my first attempt to ‘knoll a LEGO set’. Unfortunately, I failed to appreciate two main issues that occur when knolling: firstly it takes time, and secondly, it takes concentration.  It turns out I am neither particularly patient nor am I very good at concentrating, so I am going to cringe as I present my first (failed) attempt at knolling. So close and yet…

The build and model

The first part of the set is a cute little kiosk complete with coffee machine and computer screen. The little hatch opening allows our kiosk employee to pass out a coffee cup and a magazine to any passing customers. There are three custom printed parts included: the HispaBrick kiosk sign, a tile of HispaBrick 001, their first edition, and a HispaBrick 10th-anniversary torso.

The outside of the kiosk has a little relaxing area with a bench, streetlight and a tree for ambience. A birds-eye view gives a peek inside at the espresso coffee maker. Cortado por favor!

The second part is a small bicycle rental stand where three bikes are waiting, assuming the customer can work out the complex credit card payment and hire machine. I felt spoiled with all those lovely 2×4 Light Bluish Grey tiles covering the studs.

The sticker sheet has a 2×3 tile-sized sticker of each of the HispaBrick front covers 001-029.

I chose a couple to place on the two 2×3 tiles for my customers to read.

Just remember that no matter how interesting your magazine is, never read and ride…The instructions for this fun little build are in the latest 10th Anniversary Edition of HispaBricks Magazine. There are going to be a couple of opportunities to get your hand on this set, so keep an eye out for more details.

Thanks to the HispaBrick team for sending a copy of their custom set. As with any product we receive, providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.