The violinist villain

I don’t know exactly why, but a villain playing a violin just seems so much more intimidating! Whatever the reason, Leonid An seems to agree, giving a violin to a Bionicle bad guy that is classic in all meanings of the word. Although the builder photographed a number of poses for this villain, named Teridax, this particular photo is what makes it so unique.

Teridax: Master of Shadows

The model relies heavily on constraction armor elements, but what they hide is a more complicated skeleton than one would expect, supporting the tuxedo and smaller bits that hide the gaps. The inverted tyres add a nice sense of flow to the figure, and there are just enough little details to break up the black monochromy, most notably the keys on Teridax’s belt and a ring on his finger. The infected Hau mask in the fireplace is an integral part of the photo, giving the Makuta an environment without the need of building a larger scene for it.

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